Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 10th, 2007 - HOW BORING!

How can being pregnant with triplets be so boring? But I guess boring is good in my case!

Had my OB appt today. Had a TVUS today....what the heck is that? Well let me tell you...its just as exciting as it looks...NOT! lol I found out the other day it means a Transvaginal Ultrasound. FUN! Well I'm happy to say that I have a healthy thick and long cervix...measures over a 4...that is really good, especially for someone carrying multiples. Ok.... so the TVUS is boring...but I can tell you its nicer then the dr sticking his/her fingers up there to feel it! ROFL

I've gained 17.5 lbs so belly seems to have just popped out this past week....Its measuring at 36, which btw if I was pregnant with a singleton would me that I am measuring at 36 weeks! lol Too bad I'm only at 21 weeks and 3 days!!! SO WOW...I'm gonna get big in the next few weeks!!! lol (Might have to hint to my IP that a 5 year gym membership would make a nice No pics of the babies, although, I did have an u/s done to look at each of the babies heartbeats. Two of the babies were upside down...which was sort of funny looking.

Had my 3 hour glucose test done on gestational diabetes. I did fail the first test drawn after drinking the syrup...level was slightly even though I don't have gestational diabetes, they are making me go in for education and nutrition. FUN, eh? I have that appointment next Monday.

So questions, no concerns...and the dr says see you in two weeks for next OB. That is Oct 25th. Then on Nov 8th (4 weeks from now) they will do another Level 2 ultrasound. I was supposed to have that done on 10/31 but that would mean 3 weeks in a row of having to go the dr said I can just have it done on Nov 8th.

So just a boring boring boring OB appt today. Better boring then something go wrong where I'd be on bedrest, right?

I'm feeling pretty good...I get tired a lot. The babies make me feel uncomfortable, lol, at times... I sleep better during the day then at night. Probably b/c I have to get up every 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours to go potty! I am feeling the babies a bit more these days so that is nice...its just hard to tell who is who.

I had to move my OB appts to Thursday because I did not get a nap today!!! lol The kids have church stuff after school, so just no time for me to nap since I volunteer at church. Naps are important! lol Speaking of church....the Annual Lutefisk dinner is Nov 1st. My daughter and I volunteer every year...well every year that we've lived in this town. Its a lot of fun and its amazing how many people from all over show up for this "smelly" event. Anyways...the good thing about being preggo with triplets...I won't be serving food this time but get a sit down job this year...I'll be doing tickets...that works.

Well, I have nothing else exciting to talk about here...triplets and me are doing just great! See ya back here in two weeks!

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Thursday, October 4, 2007

October 4th, 2007 - WELCOME Janet, Chrissy and Jack

lol just kidding....that's NOT the babies' names...I was just thinking THREES COMPANY.....still carrying two girls and a boy!

The pics of the babies are from my ultrasound on 9-27-07

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

October 3rd, 2007 - Wednesdays are Church Nights!

I'm so daughter has been going to LOGOS at church since 4th grade and this is her last year. I was too "shy" to volunteer big at first, so I just did things like send in snacks and make desserts. Last year I did that plus kitchen...helping prepare the dinner....and subbed as a Table Parent....and this year, despite being preggo with triplets, I volunteered as a Table Parent. I'm a little nervous but I know I will have fun. I think I'm more nervous on the kids I might get at my table...I hope that they are good. I've really wanted to be a Table Parent but was a bit nervous of the weekly commitment. Anyways...I'm one this year and it starts officially tonight. For those of you who don't know...LOGOS is a church activity at our Lutheran church...I believe other churches have similar programs, maybe call it differently. Our program is for 4th through 6th graders...its Wed after school and there is a church bus that picks up the kids from school...and then they are there until 6:30. They have indoor/outdoor activities, bible study, crafts, music, etc and then the last hour is dinner. The kids are assigned to the same table each week and there are two table parents present. It is a lot of fun. My daughter started playing Chimes at Logos in 4th grade and loves it...I hope that she goes on to do Bells...I think she might. 1st grader wants to participate in the kids church choir and they meet at the church after school until 4:15. They take the same bus as the Logos kids...AND I"M EXTREMELY NERVOUS about that for him. lol I think its the preggo hormones! His sister is in 6th grade which is not at the same school anymore, so she can't even help him. I had a hard time explaining the bus to him...the 1st grade sub teacher said he'd find out where this bus is and make sure he walked him over there for me. Still has me nervous...but this bus is there every year and I am sure the teachers all know to get the kids on it today. A lot of the teachers go to the church hopefully that is helpful. Just can't help being nervous! lol I was already worried last night as how my 6th grader would get there b/c the last time I heard, the church was looking for someone to drive the van to the middle school to get the 6th I wasn't sure if she was riding with a parent or the church course, I think of this the night before! That is all taken care van will be there...

Anyways, I was just excited to be a Table Parent and had to well as vent my hormonal

I am doing well with the triplets. Know that thing women say about if they are carrying high or low....doesn't work for me...never has....all 4 of my babies were all over....and well with the triplets...they are high some days, and low others....and I think they have found my bladder or something b/c they like to kick it and make it uncomfortable for me to walk (Of course, I could be exaggerating....walking is not so much fun right now) Anyways....I have a little more energy these days, provided I can rest every few hours. So right now I need to go make 2 pans of brownies and before I have to get my 1st grader from church (provided he makes it there today, lol), then go back at 5 for LOGOS dinner. :)

Oh...taking my 3 hour glucose test this Saturday, which reminds me...I need to go call the lab and schedule it. lol Would help, eh? Then I have my next OB appt next Wed.

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom