Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24th, 2007 - Just 177 days to go!

Not that I'm counting the days. I'm actually not...more like seeing how far I've come! We are just crossing our fingers that all goes well to get me to at least 34 weeks and PRAY that there is not a snow storm to make things worse! 34 weeks will be in January 2008.

Had my OB appt on Wed. Nothing too exciting. Gained a total of 14 pounds at 14 weeks, 3 days. Babies were not remeasured since it was done the week before when I was in the hospital. They did do an ultrasound to make sure the babies were moving and there were heartbeats. Everything looked fine. My next appointment is Sept 12th. The drive to the hospital for the appt wasn't too bad. I think we got there in 1 hr 15 minutes. Maybe if my husband was driving it would cut off 15 minutes??? lol Parking stinks, plus you have to pay. I chose to park in the ramp to save some $$$. NOT GOING TO DO THAT AGAIN. I will pay for the valet parking in front of the building. The walk from parking to where I had to go was like MILES long not to mention a couple times we got lost in the hospital because we missed some signs! I can not imagine walking that when I'm further along. lol

I'm officially in my second trimester. The morning sickness is not as severe but after a few hours of being up and tending to the kids, I start feeling really tired and sick, so I'm greatful that I can take naps when I need to. The OB dr says I can't do all day activities because with the triplets I need to rest often...I do agree to that! I'm not on bedrest anymore since I haven't had any more problems with bleeding. Thank goodness. That was a big scare. Certain foods...just thinking about it, makes me queasy and sometimes sick. I can't do garlic...nothing with no more Italian. Despite all this so far...I'm still wanting to do another surrogacy! lol

Oh I forgot to share a funny from one of my kids. When I got home from the hospital last week, my 6 yr old son greets me at the door and asks if I won a lot of money at the Casino! lol He thought I had been playing Bingo all day. He didn't think to ask his dad where I was. I said I was in the hospital. And he's like...oh, did you have a c-section? lol No, honey, I didn't. Then I told him what happened and then I turned to hubby and ask how his mom was doing and if he called her. His mom had major surgery that same day I was in the hospital. So, our 6 yr old says...oh, is grandma in the hospital having babies too? ROFL LMAO Grandma "monkey" as our youngest calls her....who is in her late 60's had a good laugh to that one! BTW, Grandma is okay. Thank goodness.

The kids go back to school the day after labor day. I'm going to have to look into the local daycare centers for the little one for when I go to appointments and when on bedrest. I realized that when I was on bedrest, I wasn't really getting rest because the little one kept sneaking in and waking me up. I think me being in bed so much is starting to take a toll on her and her wanting her mommy. I think going to daycare when I'm on bedrest will work well for her and she will be around other children her age...and I will get my rest and not feel guilty for her having to play by herself.

Well nothing too exciting going on right now. I'm off to bed now. Have a great weekend!

A Surrogate Mom

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 14th - 2007 - Had a Little Scare Today was a BIG scare. You know how you have to always go potty during the night...a ton of times...when you're pregnant? It gets where I sometimes dream that I've gotten up and gone...ok...or I'm dreaming that I'm sitting there Ok, I KNOW some of you know what I mean. Well I was having that dream that I was going but this time was wierd b/c I could see myself sleeping...on the potty going! lol Ok...that's the funny part until I woke up realizing what was REALLY happening.

I woke up to blood gushing out. I actually was calm about it as it meant that maybe I lost one of the triplets, although I prayed that the babies were ok. Called the dr and since we just had a terrible storm and some major roads were flooded around the cities, I wasn't sure how long it would take to get to the cities...remember, it doesn't take 40 min to get its over an hour and with roads out due to excessive flooding...well it was just crazy. It was decided that I needed to go to a local hospital b/c at 13 weeks there really isn't anything to be done if I'm miscarrying. I did need to be seen to make sure I didn't loose too much blood. So at 2 am I drove myself to Cambridge hospital and they admitted me to the maternity ward. Funny...there was NO ONE there having babies... just me with triplets and another gal with twins who wasn't there to deliver. It was a good laugh for the drs and nurses that day...what are the chances of having triplets and twins in one a small country town!

I lost a lot of blood between arriving at the hospital and 6 am. It slowed down by the time I was taken down for an ultrasound at 8 am. WELL....we were all surprised to see 3 babies actively moving around and looking good. phew! Seems that there was a 2 cm hole that formed between the uterus and the placenta. So blood was leaking out. This is something that corrects on its own, via blood clotting and it heals over. Had I been further along, this hole could have caused the placenta to tear away, which then is not good. Anyways the dr says that this is common and few weeks of bedrest and rest for this to heal over and I will be fine.

DH missed work today and I am just not up to driving myself to my OB appt tomorrow. So that is rescheduled for next Wed, Aug 22 as DH taking another day off is not an option...unless of course he doesn't care if they fire him. lol reschedule it is.

Anyways I think rescheduling my appt for next week will be good b/c then I will have another ultrasound then and can see how things are from today. is an update on the babies (as well as pictures). Baby B in these pics is the smallest one. I am 13 weeks 2 days. Baby A is measuring 14 weeks, 2 days with a heart rate of 157 beats per minute. Baby B is measuring 13 weeks 3 days with a heart rate of 178 beats per minute. Baby C is measuring 14 weeks 0 days with a heart rate of 178 beats per minute.

It was neat seeing how much the babies have grown and to see them moving, kicking, moving their arms and one of the babies was sucking its thumb!

When I was at the hospital they gave me something for the nausea and it was SO nice to not feel sick for a long period of time! Ironically when I went home at 6 pm tonight, the pill wore off and I was miserable again! lol :)
It was such a long day today and well, I'm ready for bed.
And relieved that the babies are ok. What a scary day!
Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Sunday, August 12, 2007

August 12th, 2007 - Dried Lemon Peels

Thank you Rosita of Jersey for the Chinese Dried Lemon Peels to suck on. lol....I've swallowed a few of them...hope that's ok. Of all the stuff I've gotten from my IP and ideas for the morning sickness...the dried lemon peels are the best for helping me so far. I had morning sickness with all four of my pregnancies, but this I can truly say is the worse its been...probably because its triplets! :) I am 13 weeks and I'm tired/wiped out and yukky sick. I'm a bit miserable right now because between the coughing and the vomiting, my ribs hurt like crazy...yeah that's how bad it is.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August 1st, 2007 - 35W Bridge

Just after 6 pm tonight, my husband wakes me up from my nap to tell me the horrific news...35W bridge collapsed over the Mississippi. It sent a terrible feeling through my body...pretty much like the day I watched the Twin Towers in NY collapse on 9/11. To think that 8 hours before the collapse of the bridge, my husband was crossing over that very same bridge after a job interview in the city! To think that last Friday, we drove over that bridge get to my appt at Abbott and to return to home. To think that this is the bridge that I am supposed to take to get to my OB appointments. My exit is the first after you cross over the bridge. I already was having anxiety that the drive from my home was 40 it will take at least 90 minutes....SO not good. BUT the time and distance is nothing compared to what just happened to those people who where on the bridge when it collapsed.

What a terrible thing to happen. I watched the tv for 4 hours straight. I had to turn it off b/c I just felt terrible. Thanks to my friends in other states for the texts and emails. I am thankful that we were nowhere near there when it happened. Half our after it happened, I got a text from my friend in news of this tragedy was everywhere. I guess, too, the gov't was making sure that it wasn't a terrorist act and assure all that it was not anything to worry was just a structural accident.

My next OB appt is Aug 15th, so I will have to go by myself. NOT really looking forward to that. It will be a long day there too, so its not like anyone will go with me anyways. lol I'm supposed to have genetic counseling at 10 am, ultrasound at 11, and ob visit at 1 pm! NICE, eh? Well the ob visit and counseling were scheduled LAST Friday which we went to, but the office messed up things and rescheduled this appt for the 15th with my ultrasound! Let me tell you...I wasn't too happy.

Anyways...I am feeling yukky still and the morning sickness hasn't gotten any worse this week...still about the same. I feel totally wiped out and rest a lot. And you know that I'm not faking it because ONE...I missed a special night of Bingo at the Casino that I've been looking forward to all month (of July) and I have not been online very much other then to approve messages in my groups.

I just ran out of the preggo pop drops :( I have the suckers, but for some reason they suck! lol I really like the drops. Got to get some more!!! I will have cravings for fruit but then it makes me sick. Ok...pineapples and watermelon are no good anymore! lol Good on the watermelon b/c its a BEECH to cut up! lol I'm trying to drink lots of water but there is only so much water that I can drink before that makes me gag! lol The good thing though....I've cut down on fountain pop.... That used to make my stomach feel a bit better....doesn't really seem to do the trick anymore. :( Taco salad (not too spicy meat) makes me feel ok....I've been liking that.

Other then that, I am pretty good. I'm healthy, babies are too. I sometimes think I can feel them move but so not sure. WOW to think that on Sunday I will be 12 weeks along!

Well, I got to get back to bed b/c I really don't feel the greatest. I did want to get online and post, so everyone knew we were ok and NOT near the bridge when it collapsed. Thanks Friends!

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom