Sunday, December 30, 2007

December 30th, 2007 - Happy Holidays and All Is Quiet on the Baby Front!

Hi there!

Hope you all had a nice Christmas. Nothing much happening here. It was a quiet Christmas, as will be New Years Eve. DH and the kids spent last Sunday at DH's parents house celebrating Christmas. I didn't go as I"m on bedrest and wasn't really feeling the greatest to go. So it was a nice long day of rest for me. I did worry a little b/c it was snowing and it was blowing like crazy, making visibility and the roads rather dangerous. So I was relieved when DH and the kids finally made it home that day.

My last OB appointment was the day after Christmas. What a stressful morning. It was snowing and we were under a snow advisory warning until noon. Dropped dh off at work just after 6 am and decided to go straight to my appt since the roads were yukky as it was snowing and it would take me a long time to get there during rush hour. It was SO dark out and the snow was blowing. I was overly tired b/c I had no sleep b/c Christmas night I must have gotten a flu bug or something. I felt so sick and was having trouble breathing...probably b/c the babies were pushing and kicking, cutting off my breathing! lol So I had to pull over and rest...then DH told me to turn around and come back and get him from work. He would have taken me but the agency won't rmb him for loss wages, so I tried to do it on my own, but it just wasn't worth the risk that day. So he took the day off from work to take me to the appointment. I was so uncomfortable even with him driving, but was greatful that he took me.

The MAC appointment went well. Each baby scored 8 out of 10 points, so they were doing well and not in any hurry to be born. I was a bit dehydrated from vomiting since the day before....and suffering from heart burn. The dr had my blood drawn to make sure I wasn't suffering from preclampsia (sorry, don't feel like looking up the spelling, lol) Blood test came back normal. The contractions were due to be dehydrated from vomiting and not being able to keep down food and fluids. I was taking a tums about every hour to help the discomfort to then realize that I had taken the maximum allowed for 24 hours. LOL So had to call the dr at 10 pm and see what to do now b/c I didn't think I could survive the night. Thankfully, I was able to take Pepcid...and that got me through the night. I haven't actually had heartburn since then...THANK GOODNESS! I didn't gain any weight in the week since the last appointment. The doctor reassured me that I was going to feel miserable, lol, but they would watch me closely in case I can't make it until the c-section on Jan 17th!

So today I'm at 33 weeks. This is very good with triplets. Next OB appointment is on Wed. I think they will be doing an ultrasound to measure the babies. Hard to believe that I will have 2 1/2 weeks left of this pregnancy to go. Still very nervous about the c-section and pray that I don't need a blood transfusion or die. Thank goodness my husband will be there with me. I know he probably doesn't want to be but glad he has agreed to. Heck, I want to be knocked out totally for the c-section but the dr won't let that happen. oh well. lol

And yes, I'd do this again. It is fun being I think its the part where the babies have to be born that freaks me out.

Well I'm super time to lay down again and rest before bedtime! :)

Have a happy new year!!!
A Surrogate Mom

Thursday, December 20, 2007

December 20th, 2007 - White Castle & TUMS

Well, had my weekly OB appt yesterday. Went to the MAC first (Maternal Assessment Center). Babies are doing great. 2 babies scored 10 and 1 scored 8. 8-10 is passing. The one baby scored 8 b/c he/she kept moving around so much that they were unable to monitor the heartbeat. Nevertheless, babies are doing great, no worries of them coming my luck, right? No Christmas babies here! My IP was wondering if he should take his bags with him when he goes to his Mom's for the holidays...NAH...this pregnancy is so boring, that I highly doubt any excitement like that happening...will just meet up with him for the c-section Jan 17th! lol I gained 3 lbs since last weeks appt! WOW! But then when I thought about it...that is a total of 31 lbs and I'm just about 32 weeks! lol no worries....and the babies are nice size. The OB dr came in and joked about how I've done well to keep these babies cozy for so long...that I need to share with other women with multiples so they carry longer too! I am so glad that the OB dr generally like triplets to be born 35-36 weeks b/c I'm not sure I could wait longer then that. My belly is getting so big, its scary! lol DH says that my belly actually makes my butt look small! ROFL (Thanks dear!) So that was my appointment...boring...nothing to really report other then I gained 3 lbs! lol

Next appt is Dec 26th. I think the appt after that one, I will have a complete u/s to measure the babies.

Stopped at White Castle on the way home from the dr yesterday. I knew that probably wasn't a good idea but you was just something different! lol I think the babies got a good "kick" out of it! lol Glad that my hubby thought to finally buy me some TUMS. WOW what a relief. I've never taken anything for heartburn before but I tell you...I'm glad I have my TUMS now! lol

Picked up a new breastpump from A great place to go for your breast/nursing needs!!! I have used this lady for my last 3 pregnancies. Its nice that she doesn't live too far either. She services all over the US btw. ANyways, I plan to pump for 1-3 months for the triplets. I hope that helps me loose the weight...I'm hopeful, but after nursing my own 4 children...I doubt it!!! lol

Well Christmas is approaching...nothing done yet...well the school bus driver and the kids' teachers all got some awesome gifts from Pampered Chef this year! lol I had to drive the kids to school on Tuesday b/c the gifts were so heavy! lol I got them the PC baking stones. Hey...I think they deserved kids are doing so well in school...and I know that they are smart but I think the teachers play an important part in that too! :) Oh so I'm telling you that I drove them to school b/c I was totally surprised by how nice my kids can be... Our oldest son carried in our oldest daughter's gifts into the Middle School b/c they were so heavy and she had the most to give out. Well I waited and waited....turns out, he willingly walked to all her classes to help her give out her gifts! I was so surprised that he was nice to do that...well I know he is but he just surprises me...DH seems to think its b/c he wanted his Xbox 360 online! (lol, yeah, he's been irritating me so DH turned off the wireless so he couldn't get online, lol) Then the next stop was dropping our 1st grader off...and once again, our oldest son walked his little brother (the same little brother he tends to be mean to at times) to his classroom with his gifts and stayed with him until the teacher got there! WOW, right?! lol Then I dropped my oldest son off at the High School! WOW...what a morning! BTW I sort of miss driving my kids to school :( BUT thank goodness for the school bus....I'm saving soooo much this year on gas! lol

So like I said...Christmas is shopping done for the family yet. DH and the kids will go to his parents on Sunday to celebrate. I will stay home b/c DH's family are chain smokers and so a very good reason to stay home...that and since my suburban is not working, we are short one seat in DH's truck. So that is ok...I will stay home. :) I guess DH will do the shopping this weekend! lol I will try to go with him if I feel up to it. Walking can be a challenge sometimes. lol Oh...I wonder what our chances will be to get a Wii this late in the holiday season??? lol

Well have a great day! Time to go back to bed and rest!
A Surrogate Mom

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December 11th, 2007 - I've got a Date!!!

January 17th, 2008 I am supposed to arrive at Abbott Northwestern's Maternal Assessment Center at 6 a.m. for my scheduled c-section. I think the time is a bit obnoxious, if you asked me! BUT it was better then 11 a.m. lol

Had my OB ck today. All is well. The dr said that they like to deliver triplets between 35-36 weeks so if I was ready to make that appointment, then I could! So, its set!!! January 17th, 2008!!! and then I will be home by Sunday! :)

Before each of my weekly OB cks, I have to go to the MAC (Maternal Assessment Center in the hospital) for screening of the babies' activities, stress levels, monitoring their activity, fluids, etc. It makes for a long day. That appointment they schedule it for at least 2 hours...I barely made it for the hour it took today! lol

As it has been going...the MAC and OB appt were uneventful....other then that I gained 2 lbs and scheduled the C-section. :) I was exhausted by the time I got home and was so overtired, it took me the rest of the day to get comfortable and for my body to settle down.

I haven't really felt too much movement from the babies this evening...guess they are sleeping and now that I'm getting ready to go to bed...I bet they wake up! LOL

Next appointment is Dec see you then!

Have a great week!
A Surrogate Mom

Sunday, December 9, 2007

December 9th, 2007 - MADE THE 30 WEEK MARK!

Well, friends, I made it to 30 weeks and the babies are doing just great....they are kicking the crap out of me, making me terribly uncomfortable while they live it up good in my belly, and so on! LOL Funny...I've been on bedrest for a few weeks now but its funny I can't stay laying down for too long because I find I get "morning sickness," heartburn, or the feeling I'm going to pass out because one or more of the babies is cutting off my oxygen level! YES its funny! lol HEY, I still will do this a surrogate if another family wants me to! (Just next time I think I will just carry Ok I think I'd do triplets if the family could afford the medical bills since surrogate insurance no longer covers triplets) Anyways...WOW 30 weeks...its been such a long journey for my IP, me and our families. It will be so nice when the day finally comes!

At my last appointment, the dr says that they are looking for me to get to at least 35-36 weeks, but no talk of exactly when they will deliver the babies. My due date is Feb 18th, 2008! (I really hope I don't have to wait that long! lol 36 weeks is fine!) YES, AUTOMATIC C-SECTION for the triplets. They just want the babies to grow as much as they can, so they are fully developed and strong. My appointments are weekly now and they are closely monitoring the babies' activities. So maybe in a few weeks we will know. Actually knowing will really help so I can make arrangements for the kids and stuff.

I do not know/remember what the IP is naming his babies. As far as pictures, I'm not sure I can even post them, unless the IP would like me to on my blog. I'm not much into pictures and plan to have MINIMAL contact with the IP or the babies after this is over. This is MY CHOICE so please do not ask me why, because its no one's business. In my contract, I have requested the yearly "Christmas picture" card just to see the babies as they grow up. My reason to be a surrogate was to give other families an opportunity to have children, as I was lucky to have. I enjoy being pregnant, despite the days of "what the heck was I thinking of" attitude, lol. And well I wanted to help a family and then move on with my life and them theirs. I do not need to receive praise or whatever for what I have done for the rest of my life. I'm just happy to have been able to help. Well who knows...maybe things will change after the birth of the babies, but that part is private and I hope you all can respect that.

Hard to believe that in 4-6 (ok NOT more then that I hope, lol) weeks, this will be over. 30 weeks was the goal and I am greatful that the babies and I have made it this far. PLUS I'm greatful that I have NOT gained a zillion pounds with this pregnancy. Don't get me wrong...I do eat plenty...I LOVE FOOD. Just the babies and I must burn up a lot of calories! lol

Well, next appointment on Tuesday. Will post again after that!
Have a great week!
A Surrogate Mom

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

December 5th, 2007 - You want me to WAIT HOW MANY MORE WEEKS???

Had my OB ck and another Level 2 Ultrasound done today. All is fine and boring. They say that if I get better at this bedrest thing, that I should make it to 36+ weeks! So much for the lovely thought of them coming during Christmas break!!! lol

Babies are very active and I don't get much sleep. While I lay around all day and get my rest, its hard to do when the kids and hubby get home and on the need to get them used to the idea that they are on their own now. :) Babies are (guestimate from what I remember) measuring 29 weeks 5 days (3 1/2 lbs), 28 weeks 4 days (almost 3 lbs), and 29 weeks 2 days (3 lbs). So all on target as I am 29 weeks, 3 days into this pregnancy. I haven't gained any weight since the last visit two weeks ago. :) Everything else is good. My blood pressure is good. The rash is still killing me. Need to get back to the skin specialist. The meds are costing close to $200 so that is a bit of an issue right now because the insurance sucks. I have to pay for the meds first and then get reimbursed. How stupid is that?! It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't too expensive...and this is just generic stuff too! Some of the rash is healing but of course, scarring. At least the scarring will fade....just sucks to look at.

Babies will be remeasured in 4 weeks. I now will have OB checks every week with going to the hospital for 2 hours before the OB appts to the MAC. The MAC is where they monitor the babies' stress levels, movements, etc. Something like that. Not sure exactly but I have to go every week before each appointment. Its a long walking distance so hopefully there will be aides around to give me a wheel chair ride to my OB appt. Walking these days is uncomfortable because they move all over and get into bad positions making it hard to walk. lol

Oh and I finally said yes to the flu shot. I wasn't too interested b/c I never get sick and I think its a waste b/c it doesn't totally protect you from all flus. Nevertheless, I had the flu shot today.

Today was the last day of Logos before the holidays. If I'm still preggo in January, will just have to get a sub for me. Since there is snow on the ground, I was able to make an illegal parking space close to the church! lol You know...when an irritating person parks at the end of the row when there are no real spots there?! That's what I did. lol The kids still have to go next Wed to church after school because they both are in the Christmas pageant. DH is now taking over my carpooling for me...although he takes the oldest kid so he can go in and get the kids. Hey, it works! Our oldest daughter just started volleyball and has practice 3 times a week now, so DH will have to do that now too. :)

Got a free lunch at Chipotle today. I go there every time after my OB appointments. So they seem to like me there and were amazed I had triplets. lol I was so tired and hungry that I didn't tell them I was a surrogate. So that was fun...minus the little touch of heartburn I felt later. lol

Thanks to my IP for the foam mattress topper...not really sure what they are called. It makes resting in bed so much better. It's wierd but comfy. Sort of takes a bit for it to adjust if you move your position though...that's probably the only thing I don't like...oh that and if you're laying to close to the edge, you can roll off the too good! Its very good when my little one is sleeping somewhere else and I can sleep in the middle of the bed by myself. :)

Well that's all friends....another boring week. We shall see what happens next week!

Take care!
A Surrogate Mom

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November 21st, 2007 - Bedrest Finally!!!

Well let's say Bed Rest doesn't mean its bad...just means I'm carrying triplets and I need some rest! :) Had my OB check up yesterday...babies are doing great, actively moving and kicking up a storm...but they are starting to wear me down, emotionally and physically. The stress of worrying about my little one during the day when I accidentally fall asleep and wake up not knowing where she is, the daily housework tires me out after 15 minutes, can't walk around the grocery store for too long because it feels like the babies are gonna fall goodness, can't walk for too long PERIOD! lol I think most of it is that the babies don't cooperate with their positions and kicking exercises, so I am just miserably uncomfortable at time. I can't even sit for too long b/c it hurts my ribs. On top of that, I've been dealing with this terrible "pregnancy" rash on my legs which now I have on my tummy and arms. I think some of the tummy thing is the stretching of the skin as I get bigger! Nevertheless, its not fun and its gotten worse where it is painful. The OB sent me right over to a skin specialist after my appointment yesterday. I go back to the skin specialist next Tuesday. I feel better that I did that. Hopefully it will clear up soon...they think with the stress of the babies, my liver is not producing something (I forgot what they said) or over-producing something. Its no fun, but I'm not complaining (just telling you how it is, lol)...I'm still enjoying being pregnant with the triplets.

So to not put anymore added stress on my physically and mentally, it was time for bedrest, per the doctor. We don't want to cause the babies to come early. They want the babies to stay in there at least 36 weeks. (BTW...that's just over 8 weeks! wow!) So nothing bad about being on bedrest... I'm doing fine otherwise...good blood pressure...and gained another 2 lbs for a total of 25 lbs gained. Phew...not bad on the weight! I do eat a lot...all day...

I go back on Dec 5th for OB appt and Ultrasound to measure the babies. Then after that I will be seen weekly for OB checks, with screenings done at the hospital prior to each appointment. (I can just imagine how much my valet parking is going to cost during those visits! lol)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving but its just another day for us. DH is working b/c he rather work then sit at home, plus he doesn't get holiday pay...nor do any of the other they all are going to work! Not making a turkey...I thought about it b/c I was wanting a turkey sandwich, lol, but no one but me likes turkey. The last few years we have just gone to Old Country Buffet. Probably not tomorrow b/c I don't feel like driving an hour to get there. The kids don't seem to mind. If DH gets home earlier enough, maybe we will catch dinner at the church. We shall see.

Well enough sitting...back to bed. The babies seem to have settled down so I might just be able to get a good rest in now. (Yeah, right? I bet they wake up and start kicking! lol)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
A Surrogate Mom

Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12th, 2007 - Confessions of a Surrogate Mom

Confession 1:
For the past month, I have been eating a big mac extra value meal about every other day...that I can't believe in 4 weeks all I have gained is 6 lbs! ROFL

But I religiously take my prenatal vitamins and eat a ton of good healthy foods every day, all day. I just have had these cravings (almost every day, lol) for Big Mac meals! I always get small fries though b/c those aren't good but I need that SALT! (I don't ever salt my foods, so basically that's the only excessive salt intake that I get.) lol I can barely eat half a Big Mac, so its not like I'm eating the entire sandwich! I usually throw it away or one of the kids eats the rest. I also crave fountain a nice big Diet Coke to wash down the Big Mac and Fries works great. The good thing too is that it is NOT everyday b/c I dont always have $$$ everyday. lol My last Big Mac meal was Saturday.

Confession 2:
Yesterday hubby, the kids and I made the almost 2 hour trip to hubby's parents at 5:30 am because I needed the truck to go play bingo at noon! lol Hubby likes to lay on the guilt trip for when I do the day thing of Bingo at the Casino. Had a nice quick visit with grandma "monkey" (as the 3 yr old calls her) and grandpa and was back home by 11 am! I left the kids and hubby to go play Bingo all I have been waiting over a month for this big day of Bingo! lol Our oldest daughter decided to clean the kitchen...I mean CLEAN...empty the dishwasher, fill it, wash the dishes that don't go in the dishwasher, cleaned the microwave! OMG yes, the microwave....swept up all the garbage (well you know...the twist ties from the bread that no one can ever throw away but leave on the counter until they get knocked on the ground), little kid toys, etc on the floor in the kitchen and under the table! Its nice to see my kitchen counters again! I don't even feel guilty for not being there to help. I did make a cake and two dozen cookies with my 3 year old today...I thought that would be nice for her cleaning! :) I won during the matinee session of Bingo which paid for my bingo, some slot machine time afterwards and my dinner! lol Then the evening session was a was a $60 buy in where the games and specials pay out considerably higher then usual. I won on a game that paid out $1200...too bad so did someone else so I had to share that....better then not I won't complain.

Confession #3:
I lay around all day, in between playing with my 3 yr old, because I'm afraid if I'm too active the babies might come early. Well I'm at 26 weeks and not on bedrest, which the drs are happy with as they said to expect to be by 25 weeks!!! I guess if I had gone on with my normal routines, I would have been on bed rest by now.... :( I want my bed rest! lol Truth be husband won't help out until I'm on bedrest...normally he does, so I can't complain but since he has to do everything when I'm on bedrest, he says he gets OFF TIME until that time! Well somehow I didn't play this whole poor me preggo with triplets right! lol Ok, on a serious note here...I'm glad that I can lay around as much as I do b/c being pregnant with triplets is very tiring...but an experience that I can live to tell. many women can say they have experience triplets without having to raise them??? lol

Confession #4:
I have my cell phone with me 24/7 so I can check my email and hope some day to get an I-phone or something where I can easily access my email and internet then on my simple phone. I LOVE to also read the news on my cell phone...I have CNN, ABC News, Newsday (a NY paper) and FoxNews bookmarked on my phone. Stinks when they don't update their sites enough during the day and I'm forced to read the international news!

Confession #5:
I am so glad that I don't have to push three babies out my butt but am an automatic candidate for a C-Section! They told me with twins that I would have to have then naturally!!! How scary is that but as these babies can come in 4 to 10 weeks, the thought of a c-section freaks me out. Think about it....they are going to cut my belly open and pull 3 alien creatures out of me! ROFL sorry was thinking of that movie Aliens where the hand reaches out of the stomach! BTW I wish they could knock me out for the c-section and it be over with when I wake up. lol

Confession #6:
I can't stand talking on the phone. Why can't everyone just have email or text messaging on their cell phones???

Confession #7:
My 3 yr old is not potty trained yet b/c I don't know how to do it. I'm waiting for her to get tired of her diapers. lol

Confession #8:
I just wrote this post because I'm really bored and napped out, but now its officially bed I can go to bed! (That and I refuse to pay my husband's cable bill nothing to watch b/c we get no tv signals in the country!)

Have a good night, friends!
A Surrogate Mom

Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 10th, 2007 - Where the heck is the excitement???

Hi Everyone!

Well I had my OB appointment on Nov 8th! I didn't have to go to my appointment that was two weeks earlier, so that is why no update. BUT I plan to make sure I make it every two weeks b/c going four weeks can be stressful...just b/c its nice to be able to know that all three babies have heart beats. I wasn't too too worried b/c they sure do move around a bunch.

Babies are all doing well. On Nov 8th they were measuring 25 weeks, 4 days; 24 weeks 4 days, and 25 weeks and 2 days. All just weighing under 2 lbs each. I will be 26 weeks tomorrow and not even close to being on bedrest although I've been in bed most of the time! lol That's probably why I'm not on bedrest b/c I have been taking it easy! lol So no excitement going on here...knowing my luck I will be delivering at 40 weeks! ROFL NOT....Well at least to 34 or 36 weeks.

I am BIG. I have gained a total of 23 pounds. At the time of the appointment, one baby was upside down vertically and the other two were laying on top of each other horizontally!!! Guess that explains why the heck it hurts under my ribs when I sit. lol I need to get some good Body Butter or something for my belly. I have had 4 kids of my own and NO stretch marks...but these triplets are about to change it now! lol I can barely see it but I can feel the stretch marks on the bottom of my belly! :( Oh well.... lol My tummy hurts from time to time and I know its from the babies stretching it out! lol

I guess I'm lucky not to be on bed rest b/c some women with multiples are on bedrest as early as 20 weeks...and then on average at 25 weeks. Of course not me! lol I was sort of hoping to be on bedrest b/c it is hard to do housecleaning and to keep an eye on my little one who just turned 3 last month. I dont sleep well at night b/c I am constantly getting up at night so then I fall asleep when I'm with her during the day. A few little stressful moments when I can't find her. She likes to sleep in her toy box with a bunch of blankies and her dollies. Another time she fell asleep behind the couch when playing. My biggest fear is that she will unlock the front door and go outside...and well this is Minnesota...its cold here. If and when I go on bedrest, I will be able to put her in daycare and that expense will be covered. As I am approaching my third trimester, I do get housekeeping so that will help out tremendously. I need someone to get me caught up here and pick things up so we can see the floor. The poor cream carpeting is just ruined from the kids b/c I haven't been up enough to remind them to not take snacks and drinks out of the kitchen/dining room! urgh! I feel like I'm losing it and I really hate living in this messy house! Here's a funny... there was a bunch of food and stuff left over from the Annual Lutefisk dinner and my pastor wanted to bring some of it over b/c he knows we are a big family. I told him NO, I'd come up to the church and get's bad enough God can see my messy house, but my Pastor sure isn't!!!! LOL

Speaking of Lutefisk...the annual Lutefisk dinner at our church was Nov 1st and I was happy that I was able to volunteer as I do every year. It was fun and the terrible smell of the Lutefisk actually smelled good to me and made me hungry! lol I actually had seconds this year! My oldest son volunteered more then willingly this year...seems like there is a gal he is interested in...and sure enough she was there with her mom for dinner! :) My oldest daughter would have been there helping but she was away on the annual 6th grade Long Lake trip. So I was happy my other son was going with me. The goal for the dinner was 1000...I think they served 980 some people...well those who had tickets! Maybe next year.

My oldest daughter turned 11 on Nov 8th. That was pretty exciting. She also completed her first quarter of Middle School with a 4.0...It was 4.2 to be exact! We are so proud of her, especially when we started her a year early for school (she missed the cut off by 2 months) and some teachers from the church stressed how she wouldn't ever be a leader and would struggle. We never pushed her to do more then she could but at the time she was reading more then a first grader and so eager to learn that we sent her to Kindergarten at age 4 years, 10 months. She is doing fine academically and socially. And we are very proud of her accomplishments. Our other two sons did very well too and we are proud of them. Our first grader is reading at a 2nd to 3rd grade level and even started doing AR books which aren't introduced until 2nd grade. He loves school and doing well. Our oldest son who is in 9th grade has B and above in all classes...I think he could do even better because he just does the Bs so he can play his xbox 360 during the week!!! lol

Well, I do have some sad news...not too bad...just sad. I haven't been able to keep up with my business at the flea market and so I lost all my inventory and the space...but had to pay the unpaid rent to avoid a lawsuit (lol). I've had the place for over 3 years and was making good income every weekend. Sadly its gone b/c I have not been able to be up there to watch my spaces nor good I afford to pay someone anymore b/c there was no income coming in. :( Who would have known that I was going to be so miserable with morning sickness. While I am fine now, I get very tired after a few hours, so being at the flea market from 9 am to 5 pm just wasn't an option, not to mention I can't do lifting. BUT I had to make the decision to give it up b/c it was making me poor paying the rent with no income.

In the meantime, I have rejoined BeautiControl and hope to make a go out of that where I might not have to go back to work...meaning going back to work for the State of MN. I really dread that but I think it might be something that I will have to do until I can get back to where I was and able to afford to stay home. I still have my regular customers for Pampered Chef and other little things I do but not enough to be supportive. I can't imagine doing PC full time, even though I've been with the company since the early 1990s! wow! lol I don't spend as much time at the computer as I used to but I plan to...b/c I'm not ready to totally give up on this work at home thing! So remember friends...SUPPORT YOUR WORK AT HOME MOMS!!!! please! lol

Well hubby is doing well. He's working for some guy in Isanti. Doesn't pay like construction work does but he's happy to have a job. His boss seems pretty nice better to be happy, I suppose. Its nice that he works 5 min really helps on our gas bill for the truck. I think the most we spend on gas is when I take a trip to Hinckley to play bingo! lol

Gosh I haven't been to bingo much. I miss it. I do plan to go tomorrow b/c there is a special buy-in and my favorite person, Kristy, is the caller and I am usually luckier when she is caller! Heck last month I went at the last minute to Bingo b/c they texted me that it was a must go $1000 coverall....and guess what??? I won the coverall in 51 numbers! I couldnt' believe it! At 30 numbers I had 4 left and waited and waited! wow...what luck! It was fun. BTW tomorrow's coverall special is a three-part worth $5000! Cross your fingers for me!!! I'd be so happy to win even part of it! :)

Well, sorry there isn't much to tell you about the triplets...other then they are growing, they have good heartbeats and kicking the crap out of me! lol BORING....that's why all the added fluff here about me and the family. lol Oh and my Bingo hobby! :)

So see you back here in two weeks after my next OB appt!
Have a great weekend!

A Surrogate Mom

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 10th, 2007 - HOW BORING!

How can being pregnant with triplets be so boring? But I guess boring is good in my case!

Had my OB appt today. Had a TVUS today....what the heck is that? Well let me tell you...its just as exciting as it looks...NOT! lol I found out the other day it means a Transvaginal Ultrasound. FUN! Well I'm happy to say that I have a healthy thick and long cervix...measures over a 4...that is really good, especially for someone carrying multiples. Ok.... so the TVUS is boring...but I can tell you its nicer then the dr sticking his/her fingers up there to feel it! ROFL

I've gained 17.5 lbs so belly seems to have just popped out this past week....Its measuring at 36, which btw if I was pregnant with a singleton would me that I am measuring at 36 weeks! lol Too bad I'm only at 21 weeks and 3 days!!! SO WOW...I'm gonna get big in the next few weeks!!! lol (Might have to hint to my IP that a 5 year gym membership would make a nice No pics of the babies, although, I did have an u/s done to look at each of the babies heartbeats. Two of the babies were upside down...which was sort of funny looking.

Had my 3 hour glucose test done on gestational diabetes. I did fail the first test drawn after drinking the syrup...level was slightly even though I don't have gestational diabetes, they are making me go in for education and nutrition. FUN, eh? I have that appointment next Monday.

So questions, no concerns...and the dr says see you in two weeks for next OB. That is Oct 25th. Then on Nov 8th (4 weeks from now) they will do another Level 2 ultrasound. I was supposed to have that done on 10/31 but that would mean 3 weeks in a row of having to go the dr said I can just have it done on Nov 8th.

So just a boring boring boring OB appt today. Better boring then something go wrong where I'd be on bedrest, right?

I'm feeling pretty good...I get tired a lot. The babies make me feel uncomfortable, lol, at times... I sleep better during the day then at night. Probably b/c I have to get up every 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours to go potty! I am feeling the babies a bit more these days so that is nice...its just hard to tell who is who.

I had to move my OB appts to Thursday because I did not get a nap today!!! lol The kids have church stuff after school, so just no time for me to nap since I volunteer at church. Naps are important! lol Speaking of church....the Annual Lutefisk dinner is Nov 1st. My daughter and I volunteer every year...well every year that we've lived in this town. Its a lot of fun and its amazing how many people from all over show up for this "smelly" event. Anyways...the good thing about being preggo with triplets...I won't be serving food this time but get a sit down job this year...I'll be doing tickets...that works.

Well, I have nothing else exciting to talk about here...triplets and me are doing just great! See ya back here in two weeks!

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Thursday, October 4, 2007

October 4th, 2007 - WELCOME Janet, Chrissy and Jack

lol just kidding....that's NOT the babies' names...I was just thinking THREES COMPANY.....still carrying two girls and a boy!

The pics of the babies are from my ultrasound on 9-27-07

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

October 3rd, 2007 - Wednesdays are Church Nights!

I'm so daughter has been going to LOGOS at church since 4th grade and this is her last year. I was too "shy" to volunteer big at first, so I just did things like send in snacks and make desserts. Last year I did that plus kitchen...helping prepare the dinner....and subbed as a Table Parent....and this year, despite being preggo with triplets, I volunteered as a Table Parent. I'm a little nervous but I know I will have fun. I think I'm more nervous on the kids I might get at my table...I hope that they are good. I've really wanted to be a Table Parent but was a bit nervous of the weekly commitment. Anyways...I'm one this year and it starts officially tonight. For those of you who don't know...LOGOS is a church activity at our Lutheran church...I believe other churches have similar programs, maybe call it differently. Our program is for 4th through 6th graders...its Wed after school and there is a church bus that picks up the kids from school...and then they are there until 6:30. They have indoor/outdoor activities, bible study, crafts, music, etc and then the last hour is dinner. The kids are assigned to the same table each week and there are two table parents present. It is a lot of fun. My daughter started playing Chimes at Logos in 4th grade and loves it...I hope that she goes on to do Bells...I think she might. 1st grader wants to participate in the kids church choir and they meet at the church after school until 4:15. They take the same bus as the Logos kids...AND I"M EXTREMELY NERVOUS about that for him. lol I think its the preggo hormones! His sister is in 6th grade which is not at the same school anymore, so she can't even help him. I had a hard time explaining the bus to him...the 1st grade sub teacher said he'd find out where this bus is and make sure he walked him over there for me. Still has me nervous...but this bus is there every year and I am sure the teachers all know to get the kids on it today. A lot of the teachers go to the church hopefully that is helpful. Just can't help being nervous! lol I was already worried last night as how my 6th grader would get there b/c the last time I heard, the church was looking for someone to drive the van to the middle school to get the 6th I wasn't sure if she was riding with a parent or the church course, I think of this the night before! That is all taken care van will be there...

Anyways, I was just excited to be a Table Parent and had to well as vent my hormonal

I am doing well with the triplets. Know that thing women say about if they are carrying high or low....doesn't work for me...never has....all 4 of my babies were all over....and well with the triplets...they are high some days, and low others....and I think they have found my bladder or something b/c they like to kick it and make it uncomfortable for me to walk (Of course, I could be exaggerating....walking is not so much fun right now) Anyways....I have a little more energy these days, provided I can rest every few hours. So right now I need to go make 2 pans of brownies and before I have to get my 1st grader from church (provided he makes it there today, lol), then go back at 5 for LOGOS dinner. :)

Oh...taking my 3 hour glucose test this Saturday, which reminds me...I need to go call the lab and schedule it. lol Would help, eh? Then I have my next OB appt next Wed.

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Thursday, September 27, 2007

September 27th, 2007 - Moving right along


So had my level 2 ultrasound today. The u/s tech was 30 minutes late, so it sort of put things back and we had to wait around afterwards for the ob dr to come back from wouldn't have been so bad if my IP didn't have a plane to catch and if I didn't have to rush back to Cambridge to get to the bank before 3!

My IP flew in last night so he could attend my OB appt. He's got the u/s pics so I will have to have him scan them so I can add them to this entry. The level 2 u/s was interesting at first but then I was bored as heck....I think it took THREE hours! Thank goodness I had to cancel my 1 pm appt with the dietician...I would have never made it in time.

All three babies are doing fine... Baby A is measuring 20 weeks, Baby B is at 19 weeks 1 day, and baby C is at 20 weeks 4 days. While all three are well and have good heartbeats....and ok....we need to watch Baby B's growth as its slowing down because of lack of room. OB dr says that if she runs out of room that will speed up the need to deliver early. Hopefully NOT too early. Ideally, 32 weeks would be convenient for me, lol, as the kids will be out of school and then I don't need to stress too much about the little one with daycare. Actually, come to think of it...that's not really a problem. Baby is going to Susi's (my friend and neighbor), so DH can just drop her off and pick her up real easily. On Friday's Susi has school so DH can just take the day off, as his boss is aware of what's going on. So that should work.

I go back in 2 weeks (Oct 10th) and in 5 weeks (Oct 31st). I also have to get in and take my 3 hour glucose test. I guess my levels were even more elevated today....probably b/c of the pint of ice cream that I ate between Monday and yesterday! lol OH....but the good thing for me...I only gained 1 lb since my last appt two weeks ago. I finally got a refill rx for my I guess I better go get those filled and start taking them again. lol

Well I got to the bank at 2:55 pm! phew...nothing like cutting it close! And my IP texted me that he got to his plane just in that all worked out.

Anyways...nothing too exciting going on with the babes and I would say that is good and I've got about 14-16 weeks to go!

Thanks for checking in with me!
Have a great day!

A Surrogate Mom

Saturday, September 22, 2007

September 22nd, 2007 - 1 Hour Glucose Test

Well I took the 1 hour glucose test last Saturday. Test results came back that levels were slightly elevated so now I have to go in for the 3 hour glucose test. I'm not too worried as I've had to do this with the last 3 of my 4 pregnancies and I never was positive for gestational diabetes. And if I am this time, no happens, right? lol to find the time to do that one. Was going to do it today but I remembered that I'm supposed to eat certain foods and stuff prior to the testing and then fast. So will get with the nurse for that info and maybe the next Saturday or after that I will do it.

Starting to feel the babies move more and a few good kicks here and there. Need to get some heartburn stuff to have on hand. Luckily I only seem to have that problem when pregnant. I'm starting to tolerate food more and not get so sick. I still have a problem if I get up too early in the morning I get really sick. So I quick get up with the kids for school, pray that the little one doesn't wake up, get the kids on the bus and run back to bed. If the little one stays asleep, we can usually stay in bed until 10 am. LOL Then I'm fine. She has been waking up with the school kids it makes for a long day BUT she's good about staying close to me if I fall asleep. I wake up to find her babies and/or stuffed animals in my arms. I look forward to the school kids coming home b/c then I usually take a nap unless I have to do something with the kids. DH comes home right after the kids get home so that helps and he's here to do things with them while I nap.

We are FINALLY getting the baby baptized on Oct 28th. She was supposed to be baptized last Dec but I had the miscarriage and didn't feel like doing it. So now we are going to do it. Asked one of DH's sisters and her husband to be her godparents. GOSH godparents are so hard to find...I have been sooo disappointed with my so called good choices for godparents for the three older kids that I had DH's mom choose godparents for the guess she will be 3 on Oct 30th, that I should stop calling her the baby, eh?

Well, tomorrow I will be 19 weeks that's 17 more weeks to go...well that the drs would like me to go...I'm thinking more like 15 weeks is what I want to go! lol Well we shall see what these three little ones decide to do...just praying that they don't come earlier then 15 weeks.

My level 2 u/s in on will post again after that.
Have a great weekend!

A Surrogate Mom

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September 12th, 2007 - I Know What They Are!!!

Well, I had a nice little snore...I mean nap today! :) You know having an ultrasound at every OB visit is REALLY takes a long time when there are three babies and as soon as I know there are three heartbeats, you've lost my attention! I have a Level 2 ultrasound scheduled in two weeks (Sept 27th to be exact) and they said it will take at least 2 1/2 hours...OMG....I am going to get a good nap at that one! I'm serious...I literally kept dozing off and the tech said she'd wake me up if Baby A decided to cooperate! lol

So Baby A is probably going to be the stubborn one of the bunch! She would NOT cooperate and let the tech take a picture of her! The picture I will post is that of her foot! You can barely make that out but its her foot! She is measuring at 17 weeks, 6 days and about 8 oz.

Baby B is the smallest of the three. She weighs in at about 6 oz, 17 weeks, 1 day. Very cooperative and got some cute pics.

Baby C was very outgoing and waving at us. He sure wasn't a shy one! He is weighing about 8 oz at 17 weeks, 6 days.

All three babies seem to be doing fine. I still have bleeding from my incident last month. Its old bleeding that is. I'm not entirely sure if they are labeling the babies the same each time b/c the tech said it was Baby A who shows the bleeding in the sac.... and if I remember correctly, the bleeding was coming from the smallest maybe now the smallest baby has grown faster? Anyways....Baby C is a boy, so at least we can always call him Baby C and not be confused.

My urine test tested positive for sugar, that was a reminder to go in for my 1 hour glucose test...FUN. I know I will fail that...I always fail that and then have to go back for the 3 hour test....which I usually fail 2 out of 3 which means I dont have gestational diabetes but should watch my diet. Anyways...its never been a problem with my other pregnancies...but it happens. And never had any problems as a result. Nevertheless, I will do the 1 hour test locally (this Saturday morning) which is SO nice not having to make the 1 hr and 15 min trip to the cities. Abbott and Cambridge hospitals are all part of Allina system, so that works...too bad I still have to go for my appts in the cities.

I only gained 1 lb since my last visit 3 weeks ago...yeah....well at least I was happy about that. The nurse thinks I should be gaining more...I reminded her that I already had enough weight on me. lol And I assure you, I'm not starving'm eating well....just nothing too bad for me. Sure I think that the throwing up in the evenings might have a little to do with it, but, its not as bad now. now they are stressing I meet with the nutrition dietrician. Trying to set it up right after my next OB appt. I would hate to have to make a special trip down for this.

Well, I was smart this time. I used valet parking, although it took me a few times to understand how it worked to get your vehicle back! I bet they were laughing at me. It only cost $7 for the 3 hours I was much better then walking a mile to the parking ramp and paying less for parking. Parking in the ramp for that time would have been like $4-5. Anyways the valet parking is right in front of the Piper Building where the drs office is. :)

My little one spent the day with my neighbor friend instead of going to the daycare center in town. I went to drop off my application on Monday and was not very impressed with no one answering the door or in the office. You'd think the teachers would have answered the door. Oh just lost my business! She had fun with my friend as she has a son just a bit younger then her and a kindergartner. So maybe it will just work out for her to go there, provided she's home and available. (Thanks Susi!) this summer my old reliable suburban decided to stop working...have no idea why...I think it just gave I'm without wheels and must share hubby's truck. What a pain. It sits at his work all day so I am not sure why he makes such an issue of me dropping him off and picking him up. Its not like he's going anywhere...and its not like I need it every day. Anyways....then a few weeks ago, my computer freezes up. URGH like I need that to happen! Will have to get it serviced when $$$ grows on trees. lol so in the meantime I am using my cell phone to do most of my computer stuff....and when I can...use this OLD OLD computer we have set up in the basement. It actually isn't so bad down here because hubby is no longer a smoker. Speaking of smoking....come October 1st, MN is a smoke free state...well in businesses that is....which means, I can go back to playing BAR BINGO and not have to worry about the smoke! oh yeah! lol Oh....and the refrigerator stopped working in July but we unplugged it for a day and plugged it back in...and its been working ever since.... so that is THREE things to go wrong, so I'm hoping that is it for things breaking!

So are you ready to see some pictures????

Here you go.... sorry you will have to tilt your head to the right because this OLD computer doesn't have software for me to edit/rotate the pictures for your convenience.

First picture is Baby A's foot...toes are on top and her heel is on bottom. Baby B is her side profile. Baby C is waving his hand at us.

Well its been a long day and time for me to get the kids to bed so I can go to bed...yeah!!!

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

September 4th, 2007 - The First Day of School

Can you imagine what the first day of kindergarten will be like for someone having triplets??? lol My three oldest went back to school today. Thank goodness they are not triplets! I have one that started High School and one that started Middle School and the third one started 1st grade! So pretty neat having one child in each of the three schools! My baby and I just got back from seeing the kids off at the bus stop. Bus was on time and all seemed to go well. Little anxious to see how the first grader does with the bus. It's his first year since I was to worried about him and the others taking the bus last year. All the kids are bussed to the Middle School where then the Elementary and High School kids transfer! its probably more scary for the parents! almost 3 year old is upstairs watching Dora and I'm thinking I'm about to be sick! lol I usually stay in bed until 10 or 11 am so I get past the "morning sickness." I got up at 6 am to make breakfast for the kids. I think its not a good thing for this here preggo mom! lol

I am 16 weeks now...16 weeks and 2 days to be exact. The nausea isn't as severe but I still feel it at times throughout the day. In the late afternoon I still get sick but I usually feel tons better after that. I think I can feel the babies more...its more like a swooshing around in my belly feel. My next appointment is a week from tomorrow. I am looking forward to that appointment. I am still bleeding but the doctors aren't too concerned because they say its old blood. All I know its yukky blood and any blood is just freaky when you're pregnant. They said at my last appointment my cervix was nice and long and thick. So that is supposed to be good. Nevertheless, per dr's orders, I'm taking it easy. I'm up for a few hours and then I try to nap...its more like rest b/c the kids seem to talk to me when I'm sleeping, so that doesn't work. Since the kids are in school, I can't really nap because of the little one around. So hoping that won't be too stressful.

I visited a daycare center for the little one to go to when I go to dr appts and when on bedrest. It seems nice. I only visited one. I opted to go with a center so she can be around kids just her age, as opposed to a home daycare with variety of ages. Plus the center should get her ready for the preschool setting. When we visited, it looked as though we won't have any problems leaving her there and her being upset. Now hopefully she will potty trained. Strangley and oddly enough, she has taken to doing #2 on the potty but not #1. Go figure! Actually, ok, that is better, but NO diapers at this point would be nice. HEY imagine having to potty train triplets at the same time??? lol

Well, I just heard little one get down from the kitchen table so time to get off the computer and back upstairs.

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24th, 2007 - Just 177 days to go!

Not that I'm counting the days. I'm actually not...more like seeing how far I've come! We are just crossing our fingers that all goes well to get me to at least 34 weeks and PRAY that there is not a snow storm to make things worse! 34 weeks will be in January 2008.

Had my OB appt on Wed. Nothing too exciting. Gained a total of 14 pounds at 14 weeks, 3 days. Babies were not remeasured since it was done the week before when I was in the hospital. They did do an ultrasound to make sure the babies were moving and there were heartbeats. Everything looked fine. My next appointment is Sept 12th. The drive to the hospital for the appt wasn't too bad. I think we got there in 1 hr 15 minutes. Maybe if my husband was driving it would cut off 15 minutes??? lol Parking stinks, plus you have to pay. I chose to park in the ramp to save some $$$. NOT GOING TO DO THAT AGAIN. I will pay for the valet parking in front of the building. The walk from parking to where I had to go was like MILES long not to mention a couple times we got lost in the hospital because we missed some signs! I can not imagine walking that when I'm further along. lol

I'm officially in my second trimester. The morning sickness is not as severe but after a few hours of being up and tending to the kids, I start feeling really tired and sick, so I'm greatful that I can take naps when I need to. The OB dr says I can't do all day activities because with the triplets I need to rest often...I do agree to that! I'm not on bedrest anymore since I haven't had any more problems with bleeding. Thank goodness. That was a big scare. Certain foods...just thinking about it, makes me queasy and sometimes sick. I can't do garlic...nothing with no more Italian. Despite all this so far...I'm still wanting to do another surrogacy! lol

Oh I forgot to share a funny from one of my kids. When I got home from the hospital last week, my 6 yr old son greets me at the door and asks if I won a lot of money at the Casino! lol He thought I had been playing Bingo all day. He didn't think to ask his dad where I was. I said I was in the hospital. And he's like...oh, did you have a c-section? lol No, honey, I didn't. Then I told him what happened and then I turned to hubby and ask how his mom was doing and if he called her. His mom had major surgery that same day I was in the hospital. So, our 6 yr old says...oh, is grandma in the hospital having babies too? ROFL LMAO Grandma "monkey" as our youngest calls her....who is in her late 60's had a good laugh to that one! BTW, Grandma is okay. Thank goodness.

The kids go back to school the day after labor day. I'm going to have to look into the local daycare centers for the little one for when I go to appointments and when on bedrest. I realized that when I was on bedrest, I wasn't really getting rest because the little one kept sneaking in and waking me up. I think me being in bed so much is starting to take a toll on her and her wanting her mommy. I think going to daycare when I'm on bedrest will work well for her and she will be around other children her age...and I will get my rest and not feel guilty for her having to play by herself.

Well nothing too exciting going on right now. I'm off to bed now. Have a great weekend!

A Surrogate Mom

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 14th - 2007 - Had a Little Scare Today was a BIG scare. You know how you have to always go potty during the night...a ton of times...when you're pregnant? It gets where I sometimes dream that I've gotten up and gone...ok...or I'm dreaming that I'm sitting there Ok, I KNOW some of you know what I mean. Well I was having that dream that I was going but this time was wierd b/c I could see myself sleeping...on the potty going! lol Ok...that's the funny part until I woke up realizing what was REALLY happening.

I woke up to blood gushing out. I actually was calm about it as it meant that maybe I lost one of the triplets, although I prayed that the babies were ok. Called the dr and since we just had a terrible storm and some major roads were flooded around the cities, I wasn't sure how long it would take to get to the cities...remember, it doesn't take 40 min to get its over an hour and with roads out due to excessive flooding...well it was just crazy. It was decided that I needed to go to a local hospital b/c at 13 weeks there really isn't anything to be done if I'm miscarrying. I did need to be seen to make sure I didn't loose too much blood. So at 2 am I drove myself to Cambridge hospital and they admitted me to the maternity ward. Funny...there was NO ONE there having babies... just me with triplets and another gal with twins who wasn't there to deliver. It was a good laugh for the drs and nurses that day...what are the chances of having triplets and twins in one a small country town!

I lost a lot of blood between arriving at the hospital and 6 am. It slowed down by the time I was taken down for an ultrasound at 8 am. WELL....we were all surprised to see 3 babies actively moving around and looking good. phew! Seems that there was a 2 cm hole that formed between the uterus and the placenta. So blood was leaking out. This is something that corrects on its own, via blood clotting and it heals over. Had I been further along, this hole could have caused the placenta to tear away, which then is not good. Anyways the dr says that this is common and few weeks of bedrest and rest for this to heal over and I will be fine.

DH missed work today and I am just not up to driving myself to my OB appt tomorrow. So that is rescheduled for next Wed, Aug 22 as DH taking another day off is not an option...unless of course he doesn't care if they fire him. lol reschedule it is.

Anyways I think rescheduling my appt for next week will be good b/c then I will have another ultrasound then and can see how things are from today. is an update on the babies (as well as pictures). Baby B in these pics is the smallest one. I am 13 weeks 2 days. Baby A is measuring 14 weeks, 2 days with a heart rate of 157 beats per minute. Baby B is measuring 13 weeks 3 days with a heart rate of 178 beats per minute. Baby C is measuring 14 weeks 0 days with a heart rate of 178 beats per minute.

It was neat seeing how much the babies have grown and to see them moving, kicking, moving their arms and one of the babies was sucking its thumb!

When I was at the hospital they gave me something for the nausea and it was SO nice to not feel sick for a long period of time! Ironically when I went home at 6 pm tonight, the pill wore off and I was miserable again! lol :)
It was such a long day today and well, I'm ready for bed.
And relieved that the babies are ok. What a scary day!
Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Sunday, August 12, 2007

August 12th, 2007 - Dried Lemon Peels

Thank you Rosita of Jersey for the Chinese Dried Lemon Peels to suck on. lol....I've swallowed a few of them...hope that's ok. Of all the stuff I've gotten from my IP and ideas for the morning sickness...the dried lemon peels are the best for helping me so far. I had morning sickness with all four of my pregnancies, but this I can truly say is the worse its been...probably because its triplets! :) I am 13 weeks and I'm tired/wiped out and yukky sick. I'm a bit miserable right now because between the coughing and the vomiting, my ribs hurt like crazy...yeah that's how bad it is.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August 1st, 2007 - 35W Bridge

Just after 6 pm tonight, my husband wakes me up from my nap to tell me the horrific news...35W bridge collapsed over the Mississippi. It sent a terrible feeling through my body...pretty much like the day I watched the Twin Towers in NY collapse on 9/11. To think that 8 hours before the collapse of the bridge, my husband was crossing over that very same bridge after a job interview in the city! To think that last Friday, we drove over that bridge get to my appt at Abbott and to return to home. To think that this is the bridge that I am supposed to take to get to my OB appointments. My exit is the first after you cross over the bridge. I already was having anxiety that the drive from my home was 40 it will take at least 90 minutes....SO not good. BUT the time and distance is nothing compared to what just happened to those people who where on the bridge when it collapsed.

What a terrible thing to happen. I watched the tv for 4 hours straight. I had to turn it off b/c I just felt terrible. Thanks to my friends in other states for the texts and emails. I am thankful that we were nowhere near there when it happened. Half our after it happened, I got a text from my friend in news of this tragedy was everywhere. I guess, too, the gov't was making sure that it wasn't a terrorist act and assure all that it was not anything to worry was just a structural accident.

My next OB appt is Aug 15th, so I will have to go by myself. NOT really looking forward to that. It will be a long day there too, so its not like anyone will go with me anyways. lol I'm supposed to have genetic counseling at 10 am, ultrasound at 11, and ob visit at 1 pm! NICE, eh? Well the ob visit and counseling were scheduled LAST Friday which we went to, but the office messed up things and rescheduled this appt for the 15th with my ultrasound! Let me tell you...I wasn't too happy.

Anyways...I am feeling yukky still and the morning sickness hasn't gotten any worse this week...still about the same. I feel totally wiped out and rest a lot. And you know that I'm not faking it because ONE...I missed a special night of Bingo at the Casino that I've been looking forward to all month (of July) and I have not been online very much other then to approve messages in my groups.

I just ran out of the preggo pop drops :( I have the suckers, but for some reason they suck! lol I really like the drops. Got to get some more!!! I will have cravings for fruit but then it makes me sick. Ok...pineapples and watermelon are no good anymore! lol Good on the watermelon b/c its a BEECH to cut up! lol I'm trying to drink lots of water but there is only so much water that I can drink before that makes me gag! lol The good thing though....I've cut down on fountain pop.... That used to make my stomach feel a bit better....doesn't really seem to do the trick anymore. :( Taco salad (not too spicy meat) makes me feel ok....I've been liking that.

Other then that, I am pretty good. I'm healthy, babies are too. I sometimes think I can feel them move but so not sure. WOW to think that on Sunday I will be 12 weeks along!

Well, I got to get back to bed b/c I really don't feel the greatest. I did want to get online and post, so everyone knew we were ok and NOT near the bridge when it collapsed. Thanks Friends!

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 24th, 2007 - I've Been Released!

Hi Friends!

Well heard from the fertility clinic. All babies are doing well and so I am now officially released to see my local OB. YEAH....another exciting event in this surrogacy.

Update on the babies: Baby A and Baby B are both measuring 10 weeks and 4 days, while Baby C is measuring 10 weeks. So considering I was 10 weeks and 1 day yesterday when the ultrasound was done, the babies are doing just great. ALSO after talking with the Perinatologist, they do not recommend reduction AT ALL!!! Very very interesting considering all we were told via the agency and their doctor experts! My unprofessional opinion is that it really had to do with the insurance not covering triplets.

There is no doubt about the fact that I am high risk because of triplets but I have faith in my doctors here to advise the IP and me what to do. ALSO Abbott is a highly rated Level 3 hospital, so the surro babies and I will be taken good care of.

I have my first OB appointment at Abbott this Friday morning. Got to cross my fingers that my hubby will be around to drive me there. :) I think if he just drives me once and I know where I'm going, etc, driving my big huge suburban won't be so scary for future apointments! lol Then I will have a genetic counseling and ultrasound in three weeks.

I think the ultrasounds are really neat. Not to mention seeing all three of them! Did I mention that they are all in their own sacs and have their own placentas? That is supposed to be all good!

Dinner at Red Lobster was good. I wasn't so sure how I was feeling before going b/c I got so sick, but I've been laying around so much that I just wanted to get out, as did my friend too....GETTING OUT WITH NO KIDS!!! We met a waitress there that had triplets who are now 16 years old! So that was neat and interesting. She delivered at 29 weeks because her water broke for one of the babies. I think we are hoping to get to 34 weeks which will be January. I have this fear that I will be delivering at 32 weeks which is two days before CHRISTMAS!!! That will be such a bummer to spend Christmas week in the hospital...although....I remember Christmas of 92 I spent at Presby hospital in Dallas, TX when pregnant with my first was for dehydration b/c I had morning sickness SO BAD! just seems typical of something to go will be during the holidays! Right?! lol Well if it does happen over the holidays, the good thing is that my husband's family live here and hopefully they will help hubby entertain the kids.

Well hubby is at softball with our oldest daughter. It is way too hot out there for me to be out there, so he took her. I'm glad b/c I feel guilty and bad when I have to just drop her off and there is no one there to watch her play. LOL Probably b/c my parents NEVER ever went to any games that I ever played in. Oh well...just glad that hubby took her. And the kids are watching a new Veggie Tales movie and the oldest is playing Xbox 360 (of course) perfect time to go take a nap!!! :)

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Monday, July 23, 2007

July 23rd, 2007 - 10 week Ultrasound!

There you go! Baby A, Baby B and Baby C as they have been calling them now. Today was our 10 week ultrasound with the Perinatologist. Baby C is doing fine, measuring a day or two behind Baby A and Baby B. Their explanation of why Baby C's sac is smaller is that the other two babies are taking up the space. Baby C has a good heartbeat and is growing the way it should be for how far along I am. Its just that Baby A and Baby B are bigger. So I guess no worries yet...unless they tell our dr otherwise. I have not heard from the fertility clinic about the results from this ultrasound.
So I have been referred by my local OB to Abbott Perinatology for my pregnancy, and I will assume that my fertility dr will be releasing me to them as well. The only bummer is that I will have to travel to the cities for my appointments. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't drive a Suburban! lol I'm a good driver...just haven't driven in the CITIES in a few years since moving to the country! BUT the good thing is that I'm going to plan my visits so I can bring some good food home! lol We dont have anything good where we live...restaurants and take out that is. :)
OK....I still can not believe I'm carrying Triplets!!! Sometimes I sit here and think WOW. lol AND pray that the morning sickness will go away! Couple of more weeks and it should, right?!
I have been getting really sick lately. My youngest son says its because of all the pooping that the babies are doing in my belly. lol (ok) My youngest daughter sort of understands that there are babies in my belly from the pictures and from time to time she will YELL at my belly...HELLOOOO!!!!
oh...I have to neighbor wants to go to Red Lobster in the I'd be crazy to say NO! BBL
Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July 17th, 2007 - A 2 Year Old with a Scissor

NOT good when she ends up cutting her hair...and its SO noticeable. Thanks to Fantastic Sam's in Cambridge (Tiffany), we were able to salvage her bangs. Will need to use clips on the sides until those hairs grow back! lol Out of 4 children, I can not believe the things that my little 2 year old does sometimes!!! She definately is a keeper!

Well my IP talked with the CEO of NewLifeAgency today. We will be grandfathered in. And while we should be happy about that, the coverage SUCKS. Ok...that is just my personal opinion. Only $50,000 maximum coverage is available, so expenses above and beyond that will be out of his pocket. So praying it won't be too much more then that. Expenses WILL go over $50,000. At least now, the Intended Parent is no longer faced with which of his three babies will have to be reduced.

And I am relieved too not to have to go through it. PLUS I can relax now and concentrate on getting my rest and helping these babies.

BTW maybe I should try to catch up with Michael Moore for an idea for his next documentary movie!!!

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Monday, July 16, 2007

July 16th, 2007 - WORD OF THE DAY: Perinatology

Rescheduled my 10 week ultrasound with a perinatologist on Monday, when I will be 10 weeks and 1 day. I had to do it down in the cities...well close to it...Coon Rapids. We used to live in Coon Rapids, so I am familiar with the area.

I have been feeling so yukky from the morning sickness. I have the nauseous feeling 24/7 and I've got to learn that if the smell of what I'm making makes me feel SICK, DONT EAT IT!!! When will I learn! lol

Today I got some great things.... from my IP...preggo pops and preggo pop drops to help with the morning sickness!!!! YEAH!!!! I've tried a drop so far. I think I feel better...maybe a nap will help too! lol And from an internet friend, Tina, in my Mom RAK group...a huge bag of Swedish Fish!!! I haven't had them since I was a that was fun and yummy (no I didn't eat it all...yet). SO THANK YOU!!!! :)

No news on insurance or what my IP is going to do about the triplets. I believe he spoke with a specialist who of course is telling him the dangers I am in for carrying triplets. And like I said....if it was such a danger, why was I medically approved to carry multiples and WHY would the fertility doctor transfer 3 embryos. The fertility doctor even said the first two transfers...are you ready to carry triplets if it happens? And we said YES (and silently praying that it would be twins! lol) So now why would they say otherwise? YOU KNOW they are doing this because the insurance will not cover triplets. I think its wrong to use scare tactics on my IP so he will reduce. Yes, there are risks with multiples...risks that I agreed to from the very beginning. Like I said, I will do what my IP wants to do in the end BUT don't use scare tactics to make him make his decision.

Anyways....nothing new to tell....hopefully when my IP talks to NewLife Agency this week that they can figure something out so he will not have to abort one of his babies.

Off to take a nap while the kids go to the park with their big brother! (Got to love having older kids with younger kids!)

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Friday, July 13, 2007

July 13th, 2007 - Why did God make stupid people?

People are so quick to judge and make their stupid opinions and they just never get it b/c they don't take the time to understand. They just think they know it all...especially those God loving Christians who can be downright nasty with their judgements and opinions...

I tried to reach out on and ask for help for my IP and me to help us find suitable surrogate insurance. I have never seen so many mean and nasty women...Christians ones too! Here I am trying to help my IP so he will not have to abort one of his triplets and people are judging me and him! HOW FRICKING STUPID to suggest that he adopt out his babies! We want to help him so he does not have to abort his baby, NOT adopt them out. STUPID PEOPLE. I was asking for help and I got judgements and terrible people wanting to take this man's babies....what a bunch of IDIOTS! I got to laugh at the referrals to WIC (women, infant and children which is an agency set up for nutritional and health concerns) DUMB.

And for the STUPID people who told me to lie to my insurance about the babies.... HOW STUPID IS THAT?! Commit fraud and go to jail? HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE?! contact prolife and similar groups. Ok....that really doesn't do anything. Oh wait...maybe it will give me a right not to have the abortion BUT My IP and I would STILL BE in the same FRICKING situation! NO INSURANCE BECAUSE I AM CARRYING TRIPLETS. STUPID STUPID STUPID!

AND stupid people emailing me to adopt this man's you not read??? He wants his many frickin times and ways can I say that??! People waste my time for not reading what I'm asking for or read what they want. URGH!

Stupid people just waste my time and suck up all the good oxygen in our world!

Thanks to the VERY few understanding people on Cafemom. Not all moms might agree with what I am doing and that is their right, but at least they have the maturity and respect about the situation.

Our insurance is through NewLife Agency. They are the ones who announced that surrogates carrying triplets will no longer be covered. So please stop referring them to me. My IP is hoping that NewLife will able to work with us for a better solution. I believe this is the first triplets case since their new policy went into effect March 2007.

My 10 week ultrasound is coming up in a week. Will have to reschedule it in the cities with a Baby Specialist (lol, I don't know how to spell the word for it) to see what is exactly going on with Baby #3. The last ultrasound showed it had improved from the previous one. So we will need to determine how that baby is doing.

My IP talked to the specialist that I was referred to as well. I'm not going to bother talking to her b/c it won't make a difference. She's going to tell me how my life is in danger if I carry the triplets. Well if there was any danger, why the heck would the fertility dr transfer 3 embryos?! I just don't need to hear it. They are paid to talk me into being okay with the abortion.

I am leaving the final decision up to my IP as they are his babies. He knows I do not want a reduction, if the babies are ok (which he agrees with too), but I understand and will comply with what he wants. I do not want to add more stress to him....or me.

It is very frustrating that all this is controlled by insurance policies. Very sad. I did send my story to Fox 9 News and supposed to be talking to them on Monday. I have reservations about it. The reporter wants a copy of my contract which I can NOT do b/c I would be in breach of my contract by doing so. I also do not want to bring the name of the agency I am working with into this. I'm afraid of the negativity for the Agency, as both my IP and I are happy with them. I really do think the public needs to hear my story and the dilemnia we are faced with the insurance. There needs to be something done, if not for me now, but for other Intended Parents and their surrogates in the future. Government needs to realize the need for health insurance for EVERYONE. Will have to take this weekend to think more about things and speak with the reporter on Monday.

Well, time to rest...have a great weekend!
A Surrogate Mom

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 12th, 2007 - Happy Birthday, JR!

Today is the birthday of my first born! He is 14 years old! WOW So hard to believe. He is the reason why I have considered becoming a surrogate. I was a 24 year old, single mom when I found out I was pregnant with him. Adoption was not even an option for me considering I was adopted myself. My adopted life sucked...and I wasn't willing to do that to my baby. I am very happy to this day that I stayed strong and raised a great son! Anyways, besides the biological father wanting me to abort, I had many offers of families wanting to adopt my baby. Funny how back then people assumed a single unwed mom shouldn't have her baby! After my son was born, we relocated to MN where we have been ever since. I look back at where I was then and thankful everyday to where I am in my life now....married and with 4 children. My husband adopted my son a month after we were married. :) Since everyone seemed to want my baby, I thought about possibly being a surrogate some day. Why not?

Who would have known...14 years I am...carrying triplets as a gestational surrogate for a single guy.

Unfortunately, my first surrogacy has been a long one with road blocks....luckily my IP has only had to deal with one surrogate...ME....but has gone through 3 Egg donors...and after a year of having been matched, we are finally pregnant. For me, I thought I'd be matched up with my second family by now. So things don't always go the way you hope.

Things with the surrogacy are very stressful this week. When I completed my application, I stated that I would not reduce if I had three babies...I would continue with the pregnancy. The first couple I was matched with wanted to reduce, which was one of the reasons that I did not go with that first couple. My current Intended Parent and I both agreed that if I had triplets, that we would not reduce, unless there was something wrong with one or more of the babies. Reduce is another term for abortion. Just is supposed to sound better. I did not read my contract clearly and the part on Fetal Reduction is different then what I agreed with my Intended Parent. So I have no choice here, I will have to abort one of the triplets before I am 14 weeks. Oh...back up.... in the beginning of 2007, the insurance agency that the Agency uses, stated that they would no longer insure surrogates with triplets. So my Intended parent can not afford the expenses of me to have the Triplets. So basically now, one of the three healthy babies that I am carrying must die within the next 6 weeks....well 5 1/2 weeks. I wonder which baby will it be? Sad, huh?

How sad is that? For me, as the surrogate, I am not at all supportive of aborting one of the babies. While I am pro-choice on abortion, this is not something I would do myself unless there was something bad with one or more of the babies OR if my life was at risk. I admit, I only wanted and want to carry twins, which some have stupidly commented that then I'd be better off with Reduction/Abortion of one of the triplets. HELLO???? I don't think so. It is so wrong to kill a baby for financial reasons. How pathetically stupid is that? My IP acknowledges that we discussed not reducing, but what's he supposed to do now?

I basically have no choice here and will have to have this abortion done. I hope that it is done soon because I will start to feel the babies soon. I have no confidence in my IP or anyone finding surrogate insurance. I have no hope. I am not going to stress myself or my family anymore.

I prayed my hardest for baby #3 to grow and catch up with the other two. It was a miracle....and well look where the miracle took me and the babies. Do you think there will be any more miracles for us? I really have no hope. The Agency must act in the best interest of the IP since the insurance will not cover this. Maybe someone with more strength can pray for a miracle that an Insurance Company will offer insurance for a surrogate with Triplets!

Its been a long journey for me since I applied to be a Surrogate on 01/01/06! This journey has drained me emotionally....2 visits to CA with my husband (away from our kids), and three more trips to CA for 3 embryo transfers, where I had to figure out who would watch my children and make sure that their lives are not disrupted. Each embryo transfer took 4 days away from my children, missing their band concerts, games, etc. Worrying that my baby who sleeps with her mommy isn't wandering around the house looking for me during the night. Me wondering if my plane might crash in the snow storm, etc. Praying that the people caring for my children don't get in a car accident or something. Yes, my trips to CA were fun and all, but its really hard not to worry about my children while I'm gone. I do not like to be away from them...or my husband. now...barely into this pregnancy and another problem.... Its starting to take its toll on me. I just want it to be over...the babies be born and this be the end of the journey.

Its hard to be a surrogate. I don't regret it and I will still consider doing it again...sort of....let's see how this ends. I guess what I'm trying to tell you isn't really an easy thing...and on top of that the morning sickness is getting worse!

I think its the anger in me that is making me feel this way. Either way, I look forward to being 14 weeks along because I know then that at that time either one of the babies will be gone OR we will have insurance and 3 babies to look forward to in Feb! I don't want to deal with this.

So if you have the strength for me...pray for a miracle and help me get back on the right path of this journey!

A Surrogate Mom

Monday, July 9, 2007

July 9th, 2007 - 8 week ultrasound

8 week ultrasound done! Baby #1 and #2 (the babies on the right) are measuring on time and both have strong heartbeat rates of 169. You really can't see the baby #2 in the pic...just the sac, but its there. Baby #3 (the baby on the left) is measuring 7 weeks and 5 days, so growing quite well since the last ultrasound 2 weeks ago WITH a strong heartbeat rate of 155. Unfortunately for Baby #3, the gestational sac is not growing like it should but miracles happen...we shall see what happens during the next 2 weeks. It was surprising even to see that Baby #3 had indeed grown and had a strong heartbeat. So Baby #3 is fighting to survive, so I hope you will pray for the baby. The ultrasound pic isn't the greatest but from the monitor I could see all three babies and their heartbeats.
Ok...heard from the dr's nurse. Ultrasound looked good...3 good babies. :) When I asked about baby #3 and the dr's thoughts on whether it will make it or not, they seemed not to want to say anything about they did after the first one. After the first ultrasound the dr commented that the third baby would naturally reduce on its own. I think they must realize that the baby is growing and has a good heartbeat, so they won't tell me what they really think. So hoping that maybe when my CM talks to the dr's office he will find out what they really think.
Hopefully the prayers for baby #3 will continue to help keep baby strong. Next ultrasound in two weeks.
Last night was my last night of progesterone shots. Those shots I had to take every night. The only shot left is the E2V which is done every third night. So I had that shot tonight... I continue the progesterone pills in the am and pm, and the vitamins and estrace pills until I am 10 weeks.
Morning sickness hasn't gotten any better, although I just finished eating some gizzards done on the grill (yummy! lol) and some pasta salad with ham and cheese from Cub foods.... I really liked the to find out if anyone has their recipe. I've tried similar salads from WalMart and other markets but haven't found one that I liked. Anyways...feeling good after eating...yeah! lol
Well the kids just finished popping some popcorn...time to go watch movies and veg!
Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Friday, June 29, 2007

June 29th, 2007 - Want to SEE???

I figured how to get pictures on here!!! oh yeah! I dont know about you, but I've never seen an ultrasound of multiples before. So hope you find this interesting. The tech numbered the babies (the sacs). You can't really see much from this picture...well the babies which are smaller then peanuts do not show up when I take a pic of the pic. Baby #1 in the pic is measuring a day or so behind with a slow heartbeat, so we are saying prayers daily so that they baby will grow and get stronger. Baby #2 and #3 are measuring fine and have strong heartbeats. I believe in anything can happen, right?!
I can not tell you how crappy I feel from having the morning sickness feel 24/7. I've also had a cold and cough...a cold and cough in the summer! Crazy! So the coughing hasn't really helped for sleeping. Luckily its summer vacation and the bigger kids and DH have been helping out a lot. Unfortunately, on top of the yukky cough and suburban is Not sure what is wrong with it...just doesn't start. I'm not too anxious to see it work as the air conditioner doesn't work and I'm enjoying using my hubby's newer truck! (Unfortunately, hubby seems to think that replacing the suburban is more important then our family trip to DisneyWorld next year. We'll have to discuss that another time when I'm not so emotional, lol)
Now if that's not enough....the refrigerator which is just under 6 years old....decides NOT to work! great! Trying to get it to work before we have to pay someone to come and look at it. I actually wouldn't mind a new frig anyways....although you'd think a brand new frig could last at least 10 years!
Ok...what next??? How about the stove??? Don't get me going on how the burners only work when they want to. lol Well this is a very old FREE stove given to us last I can't really complain too much....
Next.... ok the super nice John Deere lawnmower that my hubby had to have....guess his excuse for not mowing the overgrown grass is the lawnmower needs a new blade. He says without a new blade, the motor in the lawnmotor will be ruined. Am I gullable to believe that? Well he's getting a new blade next week! That's something affordable! lol It will be nice to not see those UGLY YELLOW weeds in the grass! think we spent so much $$$ on lawn service the last two years to make it look just doesn't seem to matter b/c the neighbors don't weed their lawn and it blows into our lawn! URGH bet our neighbors on the other side just love us now! lol
I think that is about it for things breaking around the same time! Actually things like this normally happen to us in the month of December! oh well, nothing I can really do about it now...we'll just deal with it one at a time!
Oh, some sad local OB tells me that he will not be able to help me with triplets. Our high tech hospital is not equipped for other then singletons and twins! Ok, well I sort of new that...but I decided to take a nice long nap to see if that issue would go away. lol Luckily I found out that the same Allina facility can help me in Coon Rapids where then I could deliver at Mercy Hospital, which is where I delivered my baby #3 and #4. I used to go to the Coon Rapids Women's clinic when I had #3 but then our insurance changed. So I will at least be familiar with the ofc and hospital. ALSO the peri-natal drs are not too far away from the CR Women's clinic...and should the babies deliver before 34 weeks, everything will be in order for me to go to Abbot where they have the best facilities for high risk pregnancies. phew.... Well I'm not going to really look at relocating drs until after my 10 week ultrasound. Of course if baby #3 does not make it, I will be able to just stay in Cambridge, as planned.
Super thanks to my IP. When I flew out to LA in May, I put my surrogate charm bracelet in my suitcase which I checked. And it was missing by the time I got to the hotel in LA. I've been so bummed. BUT thanks to my IP, he's replaced the important charms for me and then some. I noticed that he did not replace the silver suburban....hmmm....I wonder if that means I will be getting the real thing now??? ROFL OMG, I am so just kidding. I thought that might be a nice laugh for him as he reads this. :) One of the new charms is one that has 3 hanging hearts for the 3 baby heartbeats. I have to take the bracelet to the jeweler to get some rings to attach them to the bracelet and then sodered so they won't fall off. I also received another charm from the agency. Its a stork! Anyways...I love me bracelet. Will have to take a picture of it and post it here another time.
Well time to get ready for bed. I have a big day tomorrow. Its "my day," meaning a day of bingo at the casino. lol Well I have tickets for the boat drawing and other fun $$$ prizes...drawings at 1, 3 and 5. Of course I have to be there for that! lol Play a little bingo and if I win, I will stay and play again in the evening. That's always fun...and a lot cheaper then playing the slots. lol I hope I win something in the drawing. I always try to. Oh yeah...and at the night bingo they are having a drawing for 7 $100 gas cards. So I guess I will have to stay for the evening Bingo session! I think I have a lot of tickets in that drawing too! Better chances for me for the gas cards!
Have a great weekend!
A Surrogate Mom

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 26th - The Next Day

So my psych dr calls today. Asks me if I'm freaked (re: carrying triplets). lol I actually am not. I am just thankful it wasn't one. I know crazy! But hey...I said I wanted the experience of multiples. lol

I'm not sure if the babies can hear just yet, but my two little ones sang songs to my belly last night. They are so funny. They also said a special prayer for the third baby to grow and to get strong. As I watched my little ones, I thank God every day for my 4 children. They are so thoughtful and give me strength as we wait out the fate of the third baby.

This sort of reminds me when I was 9 and there was this baby born named Samantha. She was born with 3 holes in her heart and with down syndrome. The doctors did not give her more the 3 months to live. Samantha was placed in foster care with my family because her parents were unable to care for her with the medical conditions. Her parents and my parents (who ended up adopting her with her parents blessings) never gave up on this little baby. Samantha lived to be 7 years old. With a little hope and love AND a miracle, she survived. It might have been a short lived life, but we gave her a chance. Samantha who was born on July 12th, died Nov 8th. Coincidentally, my first child was born July 12th and my second child was born Nov 8th. Strange, huh?

Well, on a funny note...I pray that if I do miscarry, it happens at home and not when I'm at one of the kids' baseball games or at BINGO! Seriously, its really hard to leave the home knowing it could happen anytime...or will it?

Ok...time for a nap before venturing out to my daughter's softball game tonight. Have a great day!

A Surrogate Mom

Monday, June 25, 2007

June 25th, 2007 - TRIPLETS

To think that I have been so worried since the beta that I was pregnant with just one!!! lol After the ultrasound this morning, I called my IP right away to say what I saw...and then went back to bed...because I've been so yukky from morning sickness and lacking sleep from being anxious for the ultrasound to see how many! So I sleep with my cell phone...just a habit plus it has an alarm on it for wake up. So the Fertility Clinic called and I was in a good sleep so I was probably not saying much...just that you should have the report soon and something about two babies and remember the nurse saying...good twins.... An hour later she calls and says "Honey, did you realize you have triplets?" huh? Oh yeah, I guess you're right. lol

Well one of the babies is measuring a day smaller and the heartbeat is not very strong. So time will tell on what will happen to the baby. There is a slight chance the baby will survive but the dr said to be prepared to miscarry. The other two babies are measuring fine and have strong heartbeats. While I really only want to carry twins, I will pray for the third baby. I'm not sure how it will be to miscarry again. Some probably think it will be better off if I miscarry the third baby which I personally think is a terrible thing to even say to me. The baby is alive right now and has a heartbeat. Give the baby a chance. If that was me, I'd hope that someone would pray for me to live. Yes, I was hoping that 2 out of 3 would take but we knew going into this that all 3 could take. It would have been easier if the baby had not heartbeat when doing the ultrasound. I will have my 8 week ultrasound on July 9th. So maybe we will know the future of the third baby then.

FAQ: Will I carry all three or reduce? No, I will not reduce unless my life was a danger, which it is not. Some surros have been through the reduction and its been no big deal, so others don't seem to understand or realize what goes on..or why I wont consider it. I am pro-choice and will admit that, but personally I don't believe in abortion for myself...on my body. The agency and clinic do not fuss about the reduction and are supportive of it. In our contract, the IP and I discuss the situation before the decision isn't made when its too late. We both agreed that we would not reduce if there were three babies, even though its more desirable to have two. not that there is nothing wrong with reduction but like I said, its something I do not wish to do myself. I am also going to share what a reduction is, so you may not want to read this now... Most people do not like to refer this as to an abortion but from my opinion there are a lot of similarities....especially the "unwanted baby being terminated." A long needle is injected into the woman's stomach, straight into the unwanted baby's heart. (Its sort of like an amnio, except that needle goes into the fluids NOT the baby). An ultrasound is used to monitor the unwanted baby, so you can see everything that is going on. So this needle goes into the unwanted baby's heart and stays there until there is no heartbeat. The needle is removed and they monitor the baby to make sure its dead. (Sort of scary when you hear about botched up abortions and the baby lives but with deformities.) The baby will then eventually abort or be absorbed by the other babies, or just stay there and be squooshed up by the other babies and come out when the other babies are born. They say if it comes out when the other babies are born, you will not even be able to recognize the baby. Nice, eh?

Also, when you do a reduction....who the heck do you pick? What if you pick the wrong one? Heck, I guess it doesn't'll never know. Well, I suppose if one doesn't think much of it and not consider the baby is a life or something, it makes it easier to reduce.

With IVF you just never know what will take and what won't. Do you limit your chances? It was such a hard decision after 2 failed transfers. You just never know and if the fertility dr thought all three would have taken, he would have advised otherwise.

Lastly, my dear friends, if you hope I miscarry the 3rd baby, please keep it to yourself. Don't tell me I will be better off. I dont care what studies/research say about carrying triplets because you know I hear from other moms with multiples who did just fine. I think if I was not fit to carry multiples, I never would have been accepted into the surrogacy program. I'M NOT A STATISTIC AND DON'T CARE TO BE REFERRED TO THEM. I would though expect some compassion and concern that this little baby with a heartbeat might not make it...give it a chance. Pray for the baby. These babies are not mine genetically but I am still the birth mom and I really dont want a baby to die in me..even if its considered unwanted. I'm sorry if you can't understand that.

On a happier note here...I am grateful for the two babies that have strong heartbeats and hope that they do well should anything happen to the third baby. I am doing well. I am very tired and rest a lot. Food doesn't seem to agree with me a lot but my daughter has been making me peanut butter sandwiches or ham sandwiches with mustard...and that seems to be agreeing with me. :) The morning sickness has mainly been in the evenings but I have noticed that that the last couple of days I wake up feeling it too. I can't brush my teeth in the morning or I get really sick. I crave fountain I've been doing lemonade with a shot of sprite. I can not tell you what an inconvenience it is to these fast food places to do half and half...I could see if it was during the busy times, but usually its late evening that I want it... lol I guess I will just get my exercise by getting out and going into Holiday and pouring my own!

Ok...I have to run now, I just realized we are supposed to be at my son's bball game. BBL

A surrogate mom