Thursday, September 27, 2007

September 27th, 2007 - Moving right along


So had my level 2 ultrasound today. The u/s tech was 30 minutes late, so it sort of put things back and we had to wait around afterwards for the ob dr to come back from wouldn't have been so bad if my IP didn't have a plane to catch and if I didn't have to rush back to Cambridge to get to the bank before 3!

My IP flew in last night so he could attend my OB appt. He's got the u/s pics so I will have to have him scan them so I can add them to this entry. The level 2 u/s was interesting at first but then I was bored as heck....I think it took THREE hours! Thank goodness I had to cancel my 1 pm appt with the dietician...I would have never made it in time.

All three babies are doing fine... Baby A is measuring 20 weeks, Baby B is at 19 weeks 1 day, and baby C is at 20 weeks 4 days. While all three are well and have good heartbeats....and ok....we need to watch Baby B's growth as its slowing down because of lack of room. OB dr says that if she runs out of room that will speed up the need to deliver early. Hopefully NOT too early. Ideally, 32 weeks would be convenient for me, lol, as the kids will be out of school and then I don't need to stress too much about the little one with daycare. Actually, come to think of it...that's not really a problem. Baby is going to Susi's (my friend and neighbor), so DH can just drop her off and pick her up real easily. On Friday's Susi has school so DH can just take the day off, as his boss is aware of what's going on. So that should work.

I go back in 2 weeks (Oct 10th) and in 5 weeks (Oct 31st). I also have to get in and take my 3 hour glucose test. I guess my levels were even more elevated today....probably b/c of the pint of ice cream that I ate between Monday and yesterday! lol OH....but the good thing for me...I only gained 1 lb since my last appt two weeks ago. I finally got a refill rx for my I guess I better go get those filled and start taking them again. lol

Well I got to the bank at 2:55 pm! phew...nothing like cutting it close! And my IP texted me that he got to his plane just in that all worked out.

Anyways...nothing too exciting going on with the babes and I would say that is good and I've got about 14-16 weeks to go!

Thanks for checking in with me!
Have a great day!

A Surrogate Mom

Saturday, September 22, 2007

September 22nd, 2007 - 1 Hour Glucose Test

Well I took the 1 hour glucose test last Saturday. Test results came back that levels were slightly elevated so now I have to go in for the 3 hour glucose test. I'm not too worried as I've had to do this with the last 3 of my 4 pregnancies and I never was positive for gestational diabetes. And if I am this time, no happens, right? lol to find the time to do that one. Was going to do it today but I remembered that I'm supposed to eat certain foods and stuff prior to the testing and then fast. So will get with the nurse for that info and maybe the next Saturday or after that I will do it.

Starting to feel the babies move more and a few good kicks here and there. Need to get some heartburn stuff to have on hand. Luckily I only seem to have that problem when pregnant. I'm starting to tolerate food more and not get so sick. I still have a problem if I get up too early in the morning I get really sick. So I quick get up with the kids for school, pray that the little one doesn't wake up, get the kids on the bus and run back to bed. If the little one stays asleep, we can usually stay in bed until 10 am. LOL Then I'm fine. She has been waking up with the school kids it makes for a long day BUT she's good about staying close to me if I fall asleep. I wake up to find her babies and/or stuffed animals in my arms. I look forward to the school kids coming home b/c then I usually take a nap unless I have to do something with the kids. DH comes home right after the kids get home so that helps and he's here to do things with them while I nap.

We are FINALLY getting the baby baptized on Oct 28th. She was supposed to be baptized last Dec but I had the miscarriage and didn't feel like doing it. So now we are going to do it. Asked one of DH's sisters and her husband to be her godparents. GOSH godparents are so hard to find...I have been sooo disappointed with my so called good choices for godparents for the three older kids that I had DH's mom choose godparents for the guess she will be 3 on Oct 30th, that I should stop calling her the baby, eh?

Well, tomorrow I will be 19 weeks that's 17 more weeks to go...well that the drs would like me to go...I'm thinking more like 15 weeks is what I want to go! lol Well we shall see what these three little ones decide to do...just praying that they don't come earlier then 15 weeks.

My level 2 u/s in on will post again after that.
Have a great weekend!

A Surrogate Mom

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September 12th, 2007 - I Know What They Are!!!

Well, I had a nice little snore...I mean nap today! :) You know having an ultrasound at every OB visit is REALLY takes a long time when there are three babies and as soon as I know there are three heartbeats, you've lost my attention! I have a Level 2 ultrasound scheduled in two weeks (Sept 27th to be exact) and they said it will take at least 2 1/2 hours...OMG....I am going to get a good nap at that one! I'm serious...I literally kept dozing off and the tech said she'd wake me up if Baby A decided to cooperate! lol

So Baby A is probably going to be the stubborn one of the bunch! She would NOT cooperate and let the tech take a picture of her! The picture I will post is that of her foot! You can barely make that out but its her foot! She is measuring at 17 weeks, 6 days and about 8 oz.

Baby B is the smallest of the three. She weighs in at about 6 oz, 17 weeks, 1 day. Very cooperative and got some cute pics.

Baby C was very outgoing and waving at us. He sure wasn't a shy one! He is weighing about 8 oz at 17 weeks, 6 days.

All three babies seem to be doing fine. I still have bleeding from my incident last month. Its old bleeding that is. I'm not entirely sure if they are labeling the babies the same each time b/c the tech said it was Baby A who shows the bleeding in the sac.... and if I remember correctly, the bleeding was coming from the smallest maybe now the smallest baby has grown faster? Anyways....Baby C is a boy, so at least we can always call him Baby C and not be confused.

My urine test tested positive for sugar, that was a reminder to go in for my 1 hour glucose test...FUN. I know I will fail that...I always fail that and then have to go back for the 3 hour test....which I usually fail 2 out of 3 which means I dont have gestational diabetes but should watch my diet. Anyways...its never been a problem with my other pregnancies...but it happens. And never had any problems as a result. Nevertheless, I will do the 1 hour test locally (this Saturday morning) which is SO nice not having to make the 1 hr and 15 min trip to the cities. Abbott and Cambridge hospitals are all part of Allina system, so that works...too bad I still have to go for my appts in the cities.

I only gained 1 lb since my last visit 3 weeks ago...yeah....well at least I was happy about that. The nurse thinks I should be gaining more...I reminded her that I already had enough weight on me. lol And I assure you, I'm not starving'm eating well....just nothing too bad for me. Sure I think that the throwing up in the evenings might have a little to do with it, but, its not as bad now. now they are stressing I meet with the nutrition dietrician. Trying to set it up right after my next OB appt. I would hate to have to make a special trip down for this.

Well, I was smart this time. I used valet parking, although it took me a few times to understand how it worked to get your vehicle back! I bet they were laughing at me. It only cost $7 for the 3 hours I was much better then walking a mile to the parking ramp and paying less for parking. Parking in the ramp for that time would have been like $4-5. Anyways the valet parking is right in front of the Piper Building where the drs office is. :)

My little one spent the day with my neighbor friend instead of going to the daycare center in town. I went to drop off my application on Monday and was not very impressed with no one answering the door or in the office. You'd think the teachers would have answered the door. Oh just lost my business! She had fun with my friend as she has a son just a bit younger then her and a kindergartner. So maybe it will just work out for her to go there, provided she's home and available. (Thanks Susi!) this summer my old reliable suburban decided to stop working...have no idea why...I think it just gave I'm without wheels and must share hubby's truck. What a pain. It sits at his work all day so I am not sure why he makes such an issue of me dropping him off and picking him up. Its not like he's going anywhere...and its not like I need it every day. Anyways....then a few weeks ago, my computer freezes up. URGH like I need that to happen! Will have to get it serviced when $$$ grows on trees. lol so in the meantime I am using my cell phone to do most of my computer stuff....and when I can...use this OLD OLD computer we have set up in the basement. It actually isn't so bad down here because hubby is no longer a smoker. Speaking of smoking....come October 1st, MN is a smoke free state...well in businesses that is....which means, I can go back to playing BAR BINGO and not have to worry about the smoke! oh yeah! lol Oh....and the refrigerator stopped working in July but we unplugged it for a day and plugged it back in...and its been working ever since.... so that is THREE things to go wrong, so I'm hoping that is it for things breaking!

So are you ready to see some pictures????

Here you go.... sorry you will have to tilt your head to the right because this OLD computer doesn't have software for me to edit/rotate the pictures for your convenience.

First picture is Baby A's foot...toes are on top and her heel is on bottom. Baby B is her side profile. Baby C is waving his hand at us.

Well its been a long day and time for me to get the kids to bed so I can go to bed...yeah!!!

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

September 4th, 2007 - The First Day of School

Can you imagine what the first day of kindergarten will be like for someone having triplets??? lol My three oldest went back to school today. Thank goodness they are not triplets! I have one that started High School and one that started Middle School and the third one started 1st grade! So pretty neat having one child in each of the three schools! My baby and I just got back from seeing the kids off at the bus stop. Bus was on time and all seemed to go well. Little anxious to see how the first grader does with the bus. It's his first year since I was to worried about him and the others taking the bus last year. All the kids are bussed to the Middle School where then the Elementary and High School kids transfer! its probably more scary for the parents! almost 3 year old is upstairs watching Dora and I'm thinking I'm about to be sick! lol I usually stay in bed until 10 or 11 am so I get past the "morning sickness." I got up at 6 am to make breakfast for the kids. I think its not a good thing for this here preggo mom! lol

I am 16 weeks now...16 weeks and 2 days to be exact. The nausea isn't as severe but I still feel it at times throughout the day. In the late afternoon I still get sick but I usually feel tons better after that. I think I can feel the babies more...its more like a swooshing around in my belly feel. My next appointment is a week from tomorrow. I am looking forward to that appointment. I am still bleeding but the doctors aren't too concerned because they say its old blood. All I know its yukky blood and any blood is just freaky when you're pregnant. They said at my last appointment my cervix was nice and long and thick. So that is supposed to be good. Nevertheless, per dr's orders, I'm taking it easy. I'm up for a few hours and then I try to nap...its more like rest b/c the kids seem to talk to me when I'm sleeping, so that doesn't work. Since the kids are in school, I can't really nap because of the little one around. So hoping that won't be too stressful.

I visited a daycare center for the little one to go to when I go to dr appts and when on bedrest. It seems nice. I only visited one. I opted to go with a center so she can be around kids just her age, as opposed to a home daycare with variety of ages. Plus the center should get her ready for the preschool setting. When we visited, it looked as though we won't have any problems leaving her there and her being upset. Now hopefully she will potty trained. Strangley and oddly enough, she has taken to doing #2 on the potty but not #1. Go figure! Actually, ok, that is better, but NO diapers at this point would be nice. HEY imagine having to potty train triplets at the same time??? lol

Well, I just heard little one get down from the kitchen table so time to get off the computer and back upstairs.

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom