Sunday, December 30, 2007

December 30th, 2007 - Happy Holidays and All Is Quiet on the Baby Front!

Hi there!

Hope you all had a nice Christmas. Nothing much happening here. It was a quiet Christmas, as will be New Years Eve. DH and the kids spent last Sunday at DH's parents house celebrating Christmas. I didn't go as I"m on bedrest and wasn't really feeling the greatest to go. So it was a nice long day of rest for me. I did worry a little b/c it was snowing and it was blowing like crazy, making visibility and the roads rather dangerous. So I was relieved when DH and the kids finally made it home that day.

My last OB appointment was the day after Christmas. What a stressful morning. It was snowing and we were under a snow advisory warning until noon. Dropped dh off at work just after 6 am and decided to go straight to my appt since the roads were yukky as it was snowing and it would take me a long time to get there during rush hour. It was SO dark out and the snow was blowing. I was overly tired b/c I had no sleep b/c Christmas night I must have gotten a flu bug or something. I felt so sick and was having trouble breathing...probably b/c the babies were pushing and kicking, cutting off my breathing! lol So I had to pull over and rest...then DH told me to turn around and come back and get him from work. He would have taken me but the agency won't rmb him for loss wages, so I tried to do it on my own, but it just wasn't worth the risk that day. So he took the day off from work to take me to the appointment. I was so uncomfortable even with him driving, but was greatful that he took me.

The MAC appointment went well. Each baby scored 8 out of 10 points, so they were doing well and not in any hurry to be born. I was a bit dehydrated from vomiting since the day before....and suffering from heart burn. The dr had my blood drawn to make sure I wasn't suffering from preclampsia (sorry, don't feel like looking up the spelling, lol) Blood test came back normal. The contractions were due to be dehydrated from vomiting and not being able to keep down food and fluids. I was taking a tums about every hour to help the discomfort to then realize that I had taken the maximum allowed for 24 hours. LOL So had to call the dr at 10 pm and see what to do now b/c I didn't think I could survive the night. Thankfully, I was able to take Pepcid...and that got me through the night. I haven't actually had heartburn since then...THANK GOODNESS! I didn't gain any weight in the week since the last appointment. The doctor reassured me that I was going to feel miserable, lol, but they would watch me closely in case I can't make it until the c-section on Jan 17th!

So today I'm at 33 weeks. This is very good with triplets. Next OB appointment is on Wed. I think they will be doing an ultrasound to measure the babies. Hard to believe that I will have 2 1/2 weeks left of this pregnancy to go. Still very nervous about the c-section and pray that I don't need a blood transfusion or die. Thank goodness my husband will be there with me. I know he probably doesn't want to be but glad he has agreed to. Heck, I want to be knocked out totally for the c-section but the dr won't let that happen. oh well. lol

And yes, I'd do this again. It is fun being I think its the part where the babies have to be born that freaks me out.

Well I'm super time to lay down again and rest before bedtime! :)

Have a happy new year!!!
A Surrogate Mom

Thursday, December 20, 2007

December 20th, 2007 - White Castle & TUMS

Well, had my weekly OB appt yesterday. Went to the MAC first (Maternal Assessment Center). Babies are doing great. 2 babies scored 10 and 1 scored 8. 8-10 is passing. The one baby scored 8 b/c he/she kept moving around so much that they were unable to monitor the heartbeat. Nevertheless, babies are doing great, no worries of them coming my luck, right? No Christmas babies here! My IP was wondering if he should take his bags with him when he goes to his Mom's for the holidays...NAH...this pregnancy is so boring, that I highly doubt any excitement like that happening...will just meet up with him for the c-section Jan 17th! lol I gained 3 lbs since last weeks appt! WOW! But then when I thought about it...that is a total of 31 lbs and I'm just about 32 weeks! lol no worries....and the babies are nice size. The OB dr came in and joked about how I've done well to keep these babies cozy for so long...that I need to share with other women with multiples so they carry longer too! I am so glad that the OB dr generally like triplets to be born 35-36 weeks b/c I'm not sure I could wait longer then that. My belly is getting so big, its scary! lol DH says that my belly actually makes my butt look small! ROFL (Thanks dear!) So that was my appointment...boring...nothing to really report other then I gained 3 lbs! lol

Next appt is Dec 26th. I think the appt after that one, I will have a complete u/s to measure the babies.

Stopped at White Castle on the way home from the dr yesterday. I knew that probably wasn't a good idea but you was just something different! lol I think the babies got a good "kick" out of it! lol Glad that my hubby thought to finally buy me some TUMS. WOW what a relief. I've never taken anything for heartburn before but I tell you...I'm glad I have my TUMS now! lol

Picked up a new breastpump from A great place to go for your breast/nursing needs!!! I have used this lady for my last 3 pregnancies. Its nice that she doesn't live too far either. She services all over the US btw. ANyways, I plan to pump for 1-3 months for the triplets. I hope that helps me loose the weight...I'm hopeful, but after nursing my own 4 children...I doubt it!!! lol

Well Christmas is approaching...nothing done yet...well the school bus driver and the kids' teachers all got some awesome gifts from Pampered Chef this year! lol I had to drive the kids to school on Tuesday b/c the gifts were so heavy! lol I got them the PC baking stones. Hey...I think they deserved kids are doing so well in school...and I know that they are smart but I think the teachers play an important part in that too! :) Oh so I'm telling you that I drove them to school b/c I was totally surprised by how nice my kids can be... Our oldest son carried in our oldest daughter's gifts into the Middle School b/c they were so heavy and she had the most to give out. Well I waited and waited....turns out, he willingly walked to all her classes to help her give out her gifts! I was so surprised that he was nice to do that...well I know he is but he just surprises me...DH seems to think its b/c he wanted his Xbox 360 online! (lol, yeah, he's been irritating me so DH turned off the wireless so he couldn't get online, lol) Then the next stop was dropping our 1st grader off...and once again, our oldest son walked his little brother (the same little brother he tends to be mean to at times) to his classroom with his gifts and stayed with him until the teacher got there! WOW, right?! lol Then I dropped my oldest son off at the High School! WOW...what a morning! BTW I sort of miss driving my kids to school :( BUT thank goodness for the school bus....I'm saving soooo much this year on gas! lol

So like I said...Christmas is shopping done for the family yet. DH and the kids will go to his parents on Sunday to celebrate. I will stay home b/c DH's family are chain smokers and so a very good reason to stay home...that and since my suburban is not working, we are short one seat in DH's truck. So that is ok...I will stay home. :) I guess DH will do the shopping this weekend! lol I will try to go with him if I feel up to it. Walking can be a challenge sometimes. lol Oh...I wonder what our chances will be to get a Wii this late in the holiday season??? lol

Well have a great day! Time to go back to bed and rest!
A Surrogate Mom

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December 11th, 2007 - I've got a Date!!!

January 17th, 2008 I am supposed to arrive at Abbott Northwestern's Maternal Assessment Center at 6 a.m. for my scheduled c-section. I think the time is a bit obnoxious, if you asked me! BUT it was better then 11 a.m. lol

Had my OB ck today. All is well. The dr said that they like to deliver triplets between 35-36 weeks so if I was ready to make that appointment, then I could! So, its set!!! January 17th, 2008!!! and then I will be home by Sunday! :)

Before each of my weekly OB cks, I have to go to the MAC (Maternal Assessment Center in the hospital) for screening of the babies' activities, stress levels, monitoring their activity, fluids, etc. It makes for a long day. That appointment they schedule it for at least 2 hours...I barely made it for the hour it took today! lol

As it has been going...the MAC and OB appt were uneventful....other then that I gained 2 lbs and scheduled the C-section. :) I was exhausted by the time I got home and was so overtired, it took me the rest of the day to get comfortable and for my body to settle down.

I haven't really felt too much movement from the babies this evening...guess they are sleeping and now that I'm getting ready to go to bed...I bet they wake up! LOL

Next appointment is Dec see you then!

Have a great week!
A Surrogate Mom

Sunday, December 9, 2007

December 9th, 2007 - MADE THE 30 WEEK MARK!

Well, friends, I made it to 30 weeks and the babies are doing just great....they are kicking the crap out of me, making me terribly uncomfortable while they live it up good in my belly, and so on! LOL Funny...I've been on bedrest for a few weeks now but its funny I can't stay laying down for too long because I find I get "morning sickness," heartburn, or the feeling I'm going to pass out because one or more of the babies is cutting off my oxygen level! YES its funny! lol HEY, I still will do this a surrogate if another family wants me to! (Just next time I think I will just carry Ok I think I'd do triplets if the family could afford the medical bills since surrogate insurance no longer covers triplets) Anyways...WOW 30 weeks...its been such a long journey for my IP, me and our families. It will be so nice when the day finally comes!

At my last appointment, the dr says that they are looking for me to get to at least 35-36 weeks, but no talk of exactly when they will deliver the babies. My due date is Feb 18th, 2008! (I really hope I don't have to wait that long! lol 36 weeks is fine!) YES, AUTOMATIC C-SECTION for the triplets. They just want the babies to grow as much as they can, so they are fully developed and strong. My appointments are weekly now and they are closely monitoring the babies' activities. So maybe in a few weeks we will know. Actually knowing will really help so I can make arrangements for the kids and stuff.

I do not know/remember what the IP is naming his babies. As far as pictures, I'm not sure I can even post them, unless the IP would like me to on my blog. I'm not much into pictures and plan to have MINIMAL contact with the IP or the babies after this is over. This is MY CHOICE so please do not ask me why, because its no one's business. In my contract, I have requested the yearly "Christmas picture" card just to see the babies as they grow up. My reason to be a surrogate was to give other families an opportunity to have children, as I was lucky to have. I enjoy being pregnant, despite the days of "what the heck was I thinking of" attitude, lol. And well I wanted to help a family and then move on with my life and them theirs. I do not need to receive praise or whatever for what I have done for the rest of my life. I'm just happy to have been able to help. Well who knows...maybe things will change after the birth of the babies, but that part is private and I hope you all can respect that.

Hard to believe that in 4-6 (ok NOT more then that I hope, lol) weeks, this will be over. 30 weeks was the goal and I am greatful that the babies and I have made it this far. PLUS I'm greatful that I have NOT gained a zillion pounds with this pregnancy. Don't get me wrong...I do eat plenty...I LOVE FOOD. Just the babies and I must burn up a lot of calories! lol

Well, next appointment on Tuesday. Will post again after that!
Have a great week!
A Surrogate Mom

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

December 5th, 2007 - You want me to WAIT HOW MANY MORE WEEKS???

Had my OB ck and another Level 2 Ultrasound done today. All is fine and boring. They say that if I get better at this bedrest thing, that I should make it to 36+ weeks! So much for the lovely thought of them coming during Christmas break!!! lol

Babies are very active and I don't get much sleep. While I lay around all day and get my rest, its hard to do when the kids and hubby get home and on the need to get them used to the idea that they are on their own now. :) Babies are (guestimate from what I remember) measuring 29 weeks 5 days (3 1/2 lbs), 28 weeks 4 days (almost 3 lbs), and 29 weeks 2 days (3 lbs). So all on target as I am 29 weeks, 3 days into this pregnancy. I haven't gained any weight since the last visit two weeks ago. :) Everything else is good. My blood pressure is good. The rash is still killing me. Need to get back to the skin specialist. The meds are costing close to $200 so that is a bit of an issue right now because the insurance sucks. I have to pay for the meds first and then get reimbursed. How stupid is that?! It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't too expensive...and this is just generic stuff too! Some of the rash is healing but of course, scarring. At least the scarring will fade....just sucks to look at.

Babies will be remeasured in 4 weeks. I now will have OB checks every week with going to the hospital for 2 hours before the OB appts to the MAC. The MAC is where they monitor the babies' stress levels, movements, etc. Something like that. Not sure exactly but I have to go every week before each appointment. Its a long walking distance so hopefully there will be aides around to give me a wheel chair ride to my OB appt. Walking these days is uncomfortable because they move all over and get into bad positions making it hard to walk. lol

Oh and I finally said yes to the flu shot. I wasn't too interested b/c I never get sick and I think its a waste b/c it doesn't totally protect you from all flus. Nevertheless, I had the flu shot today.

Today was the last day of Logos before the holidays. If I'm still preggo in January, will just have to get a sub for me. Since there is snow on the ground, I was able to make an illegal parking space close to the church! lol You know...when an irritating person parks at the end of the row when there are no real spots there?! That's what I did. lol The kids still have to go next Wed to church after school because they both are in the Christmas pageant. DH is now taking over my carpooling for me...although he takes the oldest kid so he can go in and get the kids. Hey, it works! Our oldest daughter just started volleyball and has practice 3 times a week now, so DH will have to do that now too. :)

Got a free lunch at Chipotle today. I go there every time after my OB appointments. So they seem to like me there and were amazed I had triplets. lol I was so tired and hungry that I didn't tell them I was a surrogate. So that was fun...minus the little touch of heartburn I felt later. lol

Thanks to my IP for the foam mattress topper...not really sure what they are called. It makes resting in bed so much better. It's wierd but comfy. Sort of takes a bit for it to adjust if you move your position though...that's probably the only thing I don't like...oh that and if you're laying to close to the edge, you can roll off the too good! Its very good when my little one is sleeping somewhere else and I can sleep in the middle of the bed by myself. :)

Well that's all friends....another boring week. We shall see what happens next week!

Take care!
A Surrogate Mom