Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February 28th, 2007 - 36 hours bedrest

Hi Friends!

Well my flight out of MN on Monday went well. They had to de-ice the wings before take off so we were 1/2 hour late coming into LA. The weather has been SO nice here compared to MN. It will be sad to have to return to MN tomorrow. I miss my kids and hubby tons so I am ready to go home.

The transfer was on Tuesday, Feb 28th at 7:40. The actual transfer took place at 8:40 am. They transferred the last 4 embryos. The dr isn't concerned about multiples as he thought only one of the embryos looked very good. Sort of makes me sad because I have been hoping for twins. BUT I guess we won't know until later. So hoping those not so good embryos give a good fight to stay. Ok...but not all 4. I will carry 3, but 2 is good. lol Ok...just getting pregnant and having 1 good baby will be enough. :)

My beta test is March 9th. I am hoping that it will be a day of good news. I ordered pregnancy strip tests off of eBay. Hope to get them by Monday as thats when I'd like to test on my own. (Its too hard to wait for the actual date.)

Sad news...found out that the agency I am with is not going to have a retreat this year. I was so looking forward to that as well as used that as a great incentive when I referred others to the agency. Now that just sucks! Hoping that the gals will spread the word and contact the agency and DEMAND a retreat! lol

Well, good news is that I'm enjoying my 36 hours of bedrest. My IP is the best host and I've had the best meals! My favorite breakfast item is an everything bagel with cream cheese and sliced salmon...with capers and onions! So yummy!!! Monday we had Korean BBQ. Tuesday we had these awesome burgers from Red Robin, then dinner was sushi! Today I had Brazillian BBQ. So I have been well cared for. I can't believe how much I've eaten. We dont have this type and kinds of yummy food in Cambridge, MN! lol

Speaking of bedrest, I'm off to go take a nap. This laying around all day makes me very tired. :) While I am able to nap at home (thanks to a great hubby), its nice napping here b/c there are no kids to wake me up.

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Friday, February 23, 2007

February 23rd, 2007 - And down came the snow!!!

Its sooo cold out and the wind is blowing fiercely! AND its snowing! Now to keep our fingers crossed that its over by Sunday!

Not that I was too anxious to have my blood drawn, I was at the lab by 7:45 am (scheduled for 8 am) and at my ultrasound appointment by 8:05 (scheduled for 8:45 am). The ultrasound went well. My lining measured at a 12. The clinic said they want me to be at least at an thats perfect! And something about a triple something pattern. lol I'm not sure I want to ask...maybe I should google it (endometrial pattern - triple layer).

Here is a link to something I just read on the internet about the thickness:

The clinic called to say that my labs were good. I didn't ask for levels. I guess I should have asked. oh well. The lab was to test Estradiol and Progesterone levels. Lab and ultrasound were good, so we are set for embryo transfer on Tuesday. The embryos will not be thawed until they know I have gotten on the plane. I pray that they thaw without any problems. Crazy that you can freeze embryos and that they can live through it. All I know is that I hope that this takes this time. I am pretty psyched to do it now. YEAH b/c its COLD and Snowing and well 70 degrees and sunny in CA, sounds really nice right now! :)

I have to do my E2V shot every third night and tomorrow I will add the progesterone shots. The progesterone shots are nightly. I'm surprisingly doing ok. I think some of it has to do with having a big butt! lol

Well I guess thats it. I might as well go get my shot done now!
Have a great weekend!
A Surrogate Mom

Thursday, February 22, 2007

February 22nd, 2007 - I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane...

Well I guess we will just take a chance and fly out on Monday. I just hope that I'm not stuck sitting in the airport all day b/c of the weather. BUT then again, I really don't want to leave sooner because its hard to be away from my family. Just waiting to hear from my CM on my itinery.

Well the skies are clear right now. Snow should have started today....but I bet you, it will wait to closer to my fly time!

The local weather is on now. They are saying if you are planning on getting out this weekend, do it by noon Friday. Heaviest part of storm will be Fri night to Sat am and Sat Night to Sun am. Flurries on Monday. Expecting about 14" of snow each day! Ok...that's the maximum amount. lol

OK, we shall see what happens....

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February 20th, 2007 - Snow, Snow Go Away....

Come back another day!

SNOW!!! I live in Minnesota and well its going to snow whenever...even when you hope it doesn't! I am supposed to fly to CA on Monday BUT seems like MN is getting ready to face a snow storm this weekend. Sunday is predicted to be the biggest day of it all...snow, rain...into Monday. Not good for transportation, especially into Monday.

SNOW!!! It got me thinking, since I've been living in MN since 1993...I realize that I might not get onto that plane on Monday. I might be booked for it but I could be bumped. So, I guess I truly am a "What if?" person. Called the fertility clinic....what happens if I dont get on the plane Monday??? I guess you dont thaw embryos like we do with the meat we plan to use that night! Take it out right before you need them! lol The embryos left are scheduled to be thawed on the 26th, meaning if I am not there on the 27th in the AM for the transfer, the embryos will be no good! URGH...Like I need that stress. They suggested I fly out before the storm...urgh. They said to talk to my IP and see what he wants to do.

So talked to my IP. Seems like it will be okay to come out sooner. The baby...ok, she's 2...has to be watched 24/7 and dh is a bit worried about that for the extra days. I think they will survive (I hope, right?). I think the tentative plan right now is to fly out Saturday morning, which means two more days away. I'm a bit hormonal right now (I wonder why? lol) and little sad to be away for so long but I knew something like this could happen. I'm so used to dragging at least my 10 yr old daughter with me for support but that isn't an option. She has school anyways. oh well. I will survive.

Waiting to hear from our CM to see about travel arrangements. I guess its time to get my house and kids in order.

Besides I'm tired. Oh...and its a shot night....looking forward to that! lol (not)

Have a good night!
A Surrogate Mom

February 19th, 2007 - Presidents Day

Does anyone even celebrate this day or know why we do? All it seems to be is a big shopping sale day and government workers get the day off. I dont remember seeing anything in my kids school work about it. Nevertheless it was a nice day at home with 4 kids....which I might add that I said...IF YOU DONT STOP BICKERING WITH EACH OTHER, I"M NOT GETTING OUT OF BED. So by 2 pm I thought I better get out of bed before my husband came home and was jealous that I stayed in bed for 12+ hours. lol

Well today is going to be another venting day for me. I've been trying to make my appointment for the ultrasound on the 23rd. They say that they have not received the order. The clinic gal said she was sorry and was faxing it, which was last Friday! they say that they didn't have it. Mind you, the clinic was suppose to have sent it Wed/Thurs according to my CM. The clinic said they forgot and were sorry. So anyways, call today and try to make the appointment. They say they have no order! HELLO?! urgh...well I received my copy in the mail, finally on Saturday, so I faxed the order over while on the phone with them. Got an appointment for ultrasound and lab now. THANK GOODNESS.

2-20-07 update. Radiology calls me to set up my appointment. They received the fax on Friday but think the new gals didn't know it was an Order as its not like orders they have there. (HELLO...and they can't read???) Well I tell her that I made the appointment yesterday.

You know what gets to me is that people don't seem to be hard workers like my parents used to be. Everything is an excuse for their mistakes or blame it on someone else. I am so tired of the problems trying to get simple stuff done like the Ultrasounds and lab work. SO tired of them saying they haven't gotten the faxed orders when they really have them and the employees have no idea what to do with them because it doesn't look like an order. whatever! Why are they so incompetent?! Yes, I could have patience but I shouldn't have to deal with stupid stuff like this. If I made an excuse for my business, you know that customer would be all over me!

As we get closer to my next transfer, I really don't look forward to dealing with this local clinic that I am going to. I've been pushing my husband to make a decision NOW about relocating to the cities so we will be closer to better facilities. That will be so nice.

Ok, time to move on.... I have a pregnancy to look forward to! :)

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Thursday, February 15, 2007

February 15th, 2006 - Happy Valentine's Day

lol, that was yesterday! I hope you all had a great day. I think the kids came home from school with more CANDY then they do at Halloween! Then, what does mom and dad do? Give them more. We didn't do anything special here. Just another ordinary day.

I survived my 2nd shot by myself last night. Didn't do too bad. No blood, lol. (Meaning I didn't hit a few veins on the way in, lol) While it takes me a bit to get the courage to do the shot on my own, I am fine with doing it. Its nice not having to depend on anyone but myself to do it. This will also help too when I go to CA for the transfer, as I will have to do shots every day.

My CM called today. He's been really good at keeping in contact with me and my IP. He says that he will be making the travel and hotel arrangements next Tuesday. Usually they do it a week before, but Monday is President's day, so they have off that day because the entire building is shut down. Nice. lol

Anyways, its getting exciting again to make plans for travel for our next transfer. I've got everything ready for this trip. Got a ride to the airport from a friend and hubby can pick me up when I come back. Got a friend to watch my kids as well as do my carpool for the four days I will be gone. phew...its a relief. The kids are excited because "dad" does things differently when "mom" is gone. lol hmmm...I"m not sure if that is good or bad. Nevertheless, it will be a good time for the kids with their dad.

Now if I only could get my u/s appointment made on the 23rd. Still trying to get that done.

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

February 13th, 2007 - The Second Transfer

Hi there!
Found out that our tentatively scheduled transfer date is Feb 27th! How exciting. I have to do an ultrasound on Feb 23rd to make sure that I'm ready and then we will be ready to proceed. :)

Well I hope that I get in for my ultrasound. The fertility clinic insisted on mailing the request to me. BUT my local clinic wants it faxed from the dr. I really wish it wouldn't be so difficult at times. I dont see why they just don't fax it so I can make an appointment now and get childcare taken care of for the kids. I will have to contact my CM to take care of this.

My first shot on my own was ok. I hesitated about 10 min and after looking at my butt in the mirror, I had enough! LOL Poke it in and there, its done! phew! Next one...Wed.

So we will anxiously await for the next two weeks to fly by and before I know it, I will be in CA again.

Have a great day!
A Surrogate mom

Saturday, February 10, 2007

February 10th, 2007 - Happy Days Are Here Again

Wow, I haven't posted since January 19th and even that day I was just passing time! lol

Well, I got it!!! TODAY! I got my 2nd period since my D&C on Jan 5th! YEAH!

Tomorrow I will begin my E2V injections which I will continue to do every 3rd day. I will attempt to do the injections on my own. OMG its TOO COLD out to even think of having someone else do it for me. lol Good reason to do my injections! lol I think I can do it. It wasn't too bad that last week that I tried and did it on my own.

No word on when we will do a transfer. On Monday, the gal who does the calendar will contact me, so I should know then. Since we are not coordinating with an ED this time, I wonder if it will happen sooner??? I looked on my first calendar and it looks like the transfer was 3 weeks from when I got my period. So soon.... :) Now to patiently wait for Monday to find out.

DH has not found a job in CA yet. A couple of good ones but the salary is not close to what he makes here. With the surrogacy, the option of me working is not going to happen. So we must depend on DH. We have found a place closer to DH's workplace and will know if we can make the deal work and walk away from this house. We shall see.

OMG I am SO excited...hopefully before I know it, I will be on that plane to warmer weather! lol

Also for my dedicated followers, I think I am going to do things a little different with this transfer. I will only give updates about my surrogacy through my blog. So if you IM for updates, please understand if I refer you here. It was very hard for me to get IM and emails from people asking me about the pregnancy and well, then I had to go into explaining the miscarriage, etc. I also found that being open about this surrogacy, I really don't like to talk about it with "everyone." I know everyone is interested and I hope that you will come here to read. I don't mean to whine or to be rude about it, but I'm sharing this in hopes that you can understand and respect my feelings and requests. I'm very excited about what I'm doing but its also very emotional for me at times. I rather just post my feelings and things going on. The time after the transfer is a bit stressful because you want a successful pregnancy...and a viable pregnancy. My IP and I agree that when they say you really shouldn't talk about a pregnancy until after the first trimester...You Shouldn't. It was very exhausting for us and then to find out it was not a viable pregnancy...bummer. BUT I will posting on my blog here. I guess what I'm saying, I won't be posting on my mom groups or with my friends on how I am, what's going on, etc BUT you can follow it here in my day to day diary. :)

Well keep us in your prayers that we have a successful transfer, that the frozen embryos left thaw and stay together...and that I will be reporting happy news in a few months!

Thanks everyone!
A Surrogate Mom