Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 2nd, 2011 - Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

Wow....three years old today!!!  Thank you R & M for sharing all the pictures of your beautiful children!  (I suppose I stole this picture from your FB page, lol)  It has been a joy to follow your beautiful family!  Your family is truly blessed.

Don't let anyone scare you that Three's are worst then the Two's!  As a parent of 4 (singleton)'s the 4th child that is the worst!!!  ;)

Happy Birthday Xia, Ru, and Zhen!!!


Kerri, A Surrogate Mom

January 1st, 2011 - almost 3 years later

Happy New Year!

Feeling a little sad, but I think it's mostly from an article of an IM's experience. Truly well written and the only thing that stood out was this: “You may think you want to stay in touch now, but trust me, once you have your baby, you’re barely going to remember her name. I call it surrogacy amnesia.” This was the statement made by an agency that the IM had interviewed.

At just after 11 pm-ish on this very day...3 years ago, my water broke on Baby B. I remember pacing the hallway thinking CRAP...where's my purse with the OB's number...feeling a little panic, bags not packed (which was not unusual for's not like I ever had a bag packed with my own 4 kids). I remember yelling downstairs to my husband that it was time (actually after I post this, I ought to re-read the actual entry for fun!). I remember calling R and letting him know that I was on the way to the hospital and we'd let him know what was up later. I think it was 2 am and Chuck was calling R to say they were sending me home...found out that R had been trying to get a flight out, but the first one didn't leave until 6 am his time. Anyways, so after 3 tests saying my water didn't break and me trying to be the polite New Yorker that I am (Yes, you can laugh)...I know I did not pee that much...not to mention, I remember the dog licking it up!!! lol Ok...through my insisting before I'd go home, the dr ordered an ultrasound and took one look and said, prep her a calm voice, but one where I knew it had to happen quickly b/c all of Baby B's fluids were gone. At this time, I'm thinking you have to find my husband to call R back. I remember Chuck saying...but I just called R to tell him it was a false alarm. Still makes me laugh to this day. I wasn't too scared about being rushed to the OR for my c-section...I clearly remember wondering if I'd be able to make the Bingo Buy-In at Grand Casino Hinckley that Saturday...and that the girls would miss me, if I didn't! BTW I was missed...the gals texted and left messages on my phone. Funny how we can remember things so long the detail!

Babies were all born healthy and were ready to make their appearance..even at 33 1/2 weeks gestation. Today they are just beautiful, happy and healthy as ever! At 4 am CST (guestimate) on January 2nd, 2011...these beautiful triplets will be 3 years old!!!

I still remember the day I met M and we were in the elevator and he brushed something off of R's forehead. It was touching and I thought it was true love for them. :) Too bad I wasn't there to see his reaction when R told his then "new" boyfriend that he was going to have triplets!

I remember that R didn't arrive in MN until about 11 am cst...I'm thinking he came right to my room to see me. Ok, well if he didn't, he at least came to see me right away. And that means a lot to me, after reading the article I shared above. He didn't forget me! That's all that matters! So back to that article and that statement...truly (for me) the saddest part of being a surrogate is the IP forgetting me right after it's over. I'm truly grateful to M & R for remembering me to this day. I hope we'll keep in touch but I understand that people's lives get busy and all.

Well enough babbling for today!
Happy New Year everyone!!!

Kerri, A Surrogate Mom