Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 30th, 2006 - My Baby Turned 2 Today

WOW...time flies...and 6 days until Beta Day! lol

Had a nice uneventful day with my baby, as the kids were in school all day. We just laid around...Ok, I did, while I watched my baby play.

I did buy a box of Early Response EPT for early detection...comes with 3 tests! Will wait until Thursday to try one. :) These were recommended by other surros. I know that it might not work before the beta but it can't hurt to peek right?

ANyways, took the kids out for dinner to celebrate baby's 2nd birthday. Went to their favorite Chinese buffet place. The staff made a special cake plate with for baby and put a candle in it...and sang her happy birthday. Classic look from baby....what the heck are you doing, as she backed away. lol It was cute...as well as nice of the place.

And ended the day by getting my shot from my church friend.

A surrogate mom

October 28th, 2006 - Is It Time Yet?

LOL wish it was time for the beta test. But it was time for the kids and I to go back to MN. We missed home, but it was sad to go. The first thing my son said on the plane...I miss (IP). The kids had such a great time in CA with my IP and his sis and BIL.

I forgot to mention.... IP's BIL has an xbox 360 and so my son was in heaven b/c at home he can not touch his dad's 360 or his older bro 360! So the kids got to play the 360 during this trip.

AND the shots...I couldn't do it...couldnt give them to myself! Luckily, IP's sister was daring enough to do them for me. My husband had to do them for me tonight because we got back home at 11 pm! Too late to get someone to do it. He survived it...as did I. Will continue to have the gal from church do the injections for me. :)

Well...I guess nothing else to report. Guess its just another waiting game until the next step. My baby turns 2 on Monday, Halloween is on Tuesday, kids church activities on Wednesday, children well check ups and Annual Lutefisk dinner on Thursday, and then...Beta Test on Nov 5th!!!

I'm exhausted...back to get some rest!

A Surrogate Mom

October 27th, 2006 - The Day After The Transfer

Well, technically bedrest ended at 8 pm PST time. Its hard being a mom and lay around doing nothing. My IP is pampering and spoiling me...with food. Its sort of like when you overfeed the gold fish and then they are floating on top of the water!!! lol j/k I know I have eaten such great food but by the end of the day, I was so full of food that I couldn't even eat a S'More that the kids made for me...I was like...TAKE IT AWAY! lol I'm not complaining b/c I loved every bit of food I had...so yummy!

It is very nice for me to have stayed at my IP's house rather then at the hotel by myself. I really think that the agency should consider having the surros have a spouse or friend come with them to the transfer, rather then be alone. I guess that's why I wanted my daughter to be there with me. I do know of some surros who's IPs have suggested bringing their spouses along. So maybe just having that option. I know my husband could not have gone because he stayed home and cared for our other 2 kids.

I also like that my IP was able to be here for the transfer, as I know that IPs can not always attend.

Talked with my IP about the ultrasound. Doc likes to do them before releasing surros to their own ob's but for those who live far, just have them done locally to them. We like Doc so IP will have me fly out there for the ultrasound. It will be a quick trip but, personally, I feel my IP will appreciate seeing the ultrasound live. I know when I saw the heartbeat of my first baby, it was exciting, facinating...and made it real for me. I know it will be like that for my IP too.

Well...another day closer to Nov 5th!

A Surrogate Mom

October 26th, 2006 - The Transfer!!!

Finally the day has come and gone! It was a quick procedure and a long day of resting. From 16 great looking follicles, came 25 eggs....and in the end 9 embryos. What a neat process. Seeing pictures of the embryos was even neater. IP choose 3....2 excellent and 1 very good....and crossing our fingers for TWINS!!!! very low chance of triplets...8% chance, I think.

The procedure, as I said, was very quick...and not painful at all. Its bedrest for 36 hours and continue with my injections until further notice. Interesting...I am considered 2 gestational weeks along now. On November 5th I will have my beta test to confirm pregnancy and if negative, then will be redone on Nov 7th. If it is positive, then an ultrasound will be done to confirm the heartbeats. And the estimated due date: July 17th, 2007!!! WOW Doc says that on the 8th day after the transfer we should know but they do the beta test on the 10th day to be accurate. hmmm....not sure I can wait until the 5th! lol

WOW....to think I have three embryos in me...its sort of wierd while at the same time, quite exciting. I sure hope they take. :)

The kids are behaving and having fun hanging out with IP. I know my case manager was probably worried about us having them there. We assured her...no problems. I'd get my rest. :)

Well, time to call it a day!
Sticky thoughts,
A Surrogate Mom

October 25th, 2006 - Ultrasound & Disneyland

What a day!

Got to experience LA morning traffic at 6:30 am. Makes me appreciate my life as a SAHM. I sure do not miss that traffic stuff! Appt at 7:30 am...and well Doc rolled in after 8 am... I think the ultrasound ran about 1 minute? Good thing though...I was all good to go for the transfer tomorrow!!! Double booked for the appt tomorrow, but the day is at least finally here!

My IP, the kids and I went to Disneyland. It was an awesome day. My son was just the right height to ride on the big rides, so that was a relief. My daughter's best ride was Splash Mountain and the picture that captured the moment only supports that! lol The cashier gave her a disney pin for having the best facial expression to come through in a long time! We all had a good laugh...and a picture to remember! As for my son...all the rides were the best for him. When he called his dad, he just talked a mile a minute. So glad that my IP invited my kids to join me on the trip. They had an awesome time. About 7 pm the kids were getting a bit cranky, but I bribed them with hot chocolate and cookies to stay around for the parade...you can't miss the parade! They just loved it and that was the perfect ending of a day at Disneyland. (Then there was the wait for the tram back to our car!)

Wanted to go out for Korean BBQ but the kids were just exhausted, not to mention we were pretty full from all the yummies we ate throughout the day.

We did have Jack In the Box...my husband's favorite! Will have to tell him...as we do not have JIB in MN. :)

Well, off to bed and try to get some sleep before the transfer.

Sticky thoughts for tomorrow!
A Surrogate Mom

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

October 24th, 2006 - Leaving for LA

WOW, so much has happened since my last post that I haven't found the time to post sooner!

Leaving in 4 hours for the airport. My 2 kids are excited. Am sad to leave my baby but my oldest woke up not feeling the greatest, probably from lack of sleep. I think with the excitement of the two kids going with me and us trying to pack probably kept him awake. This will make it easier saying goodbye to the baby though. It will be like we are going to the store...just won't be back for five days!!! lol Funny...I'm worried about DH and Son watching the baby...and dh is worried about me loosing the kids at Disney.

Yes, we are going to Disneyland tomorrow! Can't wait. Never been to DL but have been to DW many of times....just not in a very long time.

I had my ultrasound on the 19th, everything looked good except for the fluid that showed up. urgh! They say that happens sometimes...just hope it does not delay the transfer. Will stop by the clinic on the way to DL and have another ultrasound. Hope it has gone away or if not, hopefully they can make it go away! The transfer is set for Thursday...just no time yet. Guess depends on the embryos.

The second ED has been so much more reliable here, so that has been a plus. She had her ultrasound on Oct 16th and they said she had 16 great looking follicles. (lol, do you know what a follicle is??) On Monday (yesterday), they were able to retrieve 25 eggs! WOW Well hopefully the transfer will take the first time. All my friends are praying STICKY THOUGHTS for me. I just don't see why it shouldn't as I've been doing all that I'm supposed to.

Last night I tried to be brave and give myself my injection, since now its everyday and I'm leaving for LA. Did not happen! Thankful for my neighbor for being home last night. She's a nurse; so I lucked out. I'm not sure what I will do when I get into LA tonight. I think our plane arrives just as they close. :( Well, my IP said his sis can do it for me. OK, as long as it isn't me doing it! lol

I'm a little concerned about the weight I gained while being on birth control. :( Ok...it really bothers me. Maybe its the stress that is causing this too???

Well I have to get running here. Got a few errands to do before we leave for the airport.

Sticky thoughts!
A Surrogate Mom

Saturday, October 14, 2006

October 14th - Saturday Night at Home With the Kids

What a wonderful evening! The kids, ages almost 2, 5 and almost 10....they are coloring pictures and laughing and chatting. DH and our oldest, 13 yrs old, are online playing their xbox 360s. Now if everyday could be like this! In efforts to get the two year old from drawing on the walls, I have given her a notebook to color in whenever. She is very proud of her pics and is walking around showing us. And probably in a bit, she will sneak away and draw on the walls in the hallway or one of the kids' bedrooms! DH and I decided we will wait to paint the walls when she breaks this habit. None of the other kids ever drew on the walls.

I bought 15 pails of cookie dough this week! Anyone need any?! I wanted my 5 yr old to get some free stuff for selling. And then couldn't leave out the 10 yr old who is selling it too. Guess I will be donating some to the church!

Had my third shot yesterday. All seems to be going ok. I have been having headaches though. Went to the chiropractor today and I think that might have helped. I will go a few more times before the IVF transfer. The chiropractor says that it will help ready my body for the IVF as well as help my body to adjust to the hormones that I'm taking for the IVF. All I know is that I felt good. The chiropractor was really nice too. Looking forward to more appts. AND praying that this really does help the IVF take the first time. My ultrasound is in 5 days and I am pretty anxious to see how that goes. Guess that day will be here before I know it!

Well off to make some dinner for the kids. Have a great weekend all!!!

A Surrogate Mom

Monday, October 9, 2006

October 9th, 2006 - Columbus DID NOT Discover America!!!

So why the heck are they still teaching that to the children in elementary school? This morning my daughter said that her 5th grade teacher is teaching the wrong information. From the day my children could understand I have made sure that they understand that Columbus was a bad person. The Indians were living in "America" when Columbus happened upon them. You can't discover something that is already there! Columbus and his men slaughtered the Indians...so I prefer that my children not be taught otherwise. The joys of being a parent and wanting your children to be educated the correct way!

Anyways... I survived my first injection on Saturday, with the next dose tomorrow. I am glad that I have someone doing it for me. She poked my butt and I didn't even realize it was over!!! Ok...hope the rest of the injections are like that too! lol I've had a headache since the shot but not sure if that is the cause or what. The prenatal vitamins don't seem to make me sick like others have, so thats good.

Nothing too exciting going on this week. Got to get my newsletter done by Wed as our meeting is Thursday! Got Logos on Wed and I've volunteered in the kitchen for Oct and Nov. Its not too bad. I actually like it rather then watching the kids in the nursery. Speaking of nursery...on Sunday evenings my daughter and I volunteer in the nursery for Alpha. Kids are great this time around, but there is this cute, well-behaved baby that urpies non stop...ok...a lot where he really needs a bunch of spit rags...he only has one. Well he urpied so much last night, the smell in the nursery just made my stomach turn and feel so sick. lol Imagine how it will be when I'm actually preggo! lol Anyways just had to vent there...it was gross! lol Next week I will bring the lysol!

Will post again when I have something new to tell!
Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Friday, October 6, 2006

October 6th, 2006 - Have a great weekend!!!

Well tomorrow is the day!!! Just called Dr's office and they said I do not need to have an ultrasound done tomorrow. So got that cancelled. BUT tomorrow I do start my prenatal vitamins and my first injection! Yes, I'm looking forward to it. lol This just means another major step towards becoming pregnant! I am so excited.

Probable Egg Retrieval is in just over 2 weeks...ok, 16 days to be exact. lol We will know actual retrieval in 10 days. And then we will know when I will fly to LA. My two kids that are going with me are way excited! And I got good news today too. The gal I carpool with will be able to help me out with the other two kids while I am gone. Yeah!!! Its all working out. :)

Looking forward to a busy weekend. Need to start and complete the MOPS monthly newsletter that I've been putting off. Work at the flea market. Been working real hard at home to declutter and get rid of stuff. OH SO HARD...lol Sunday nights, my daughter and I volunteer at church watching kids in the nursery. Looking forward to that because the Women's Guild (I think, lol), make a full meal for the group we do nursery for...and of course, we get to eat too!!! YUMMY!!!

Well if you dont hear from me for a few days, its b/c the shot in the butt has made me sore! LOL

Have a great weekend!
A Surrogate Mom

Monday, October 2, 2006

October 2nd, 2006 - Three More Weeks

...but who is counting?

I was just looking at my calendar. If all goes ok, the kids (2 out of 4) and I should be flying to LA... WOW We are all excited.

On Sunday morning news there was a feature on IVF. One of the interesting things mentioned was that women who do not exercise have a 40% more chance of getting preggo via IVF then women who do exercise. I guess no exercising for me??? lol

I am going to have to find more info on this. Has me curious now.

Nothing more to say today. Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom