Saturday, September 30, 2006

September 30th, 2006 - CHICKEN


Ok...had my telephone conference call to get me started on my injections. UMMMM...the needles are sort of long!

So, not sure I can do it myself and DH won't do it. lol So much for his support! lol

Ok...called my church and found a couple of retired nurses who are members of the church. YEAH....well for the 5 shots I have to do in October...I got 4 out of 5 covered. Need to find someone for Oct 13th! Anyone interested??? lol

I tell you, I can not wait... Oct 16th is the ED's ultrasound, so then we will have a more exact date for the transfer. I hope all goes well. I am a bit know...worrying for the sake of worrying. Hoping that when I have my ultrasound on Oct 19th, that my lining will be thick enough for transfer. STICKY THOUGHTS everyone...pray for sticky sticky! lol

I dont know about my IP but I am totally excited now. Its hard to believe its finally that time! Next Saturday I will have my first injection as well as start my prenatals. I can't wait for the prenatals because my hair is getting long and I want to get it cut before I leave for LA. Going to donate it to Locks of Love. :) the prenatals always make my hair grow more. :)

BTW, I know my IP is way excited...he's been looking at airfare already for me to come back out there!

Well...I will write again after my first injection...unless for some reason I dont get my "friend" on the 5th or 6th.

Have a great weekend!
A Surrogate Mom

Monday, September 25, 2006

September 25th, 2006 - Three Months Until Christmas!!!

WOW, time flies doesn't it??

Today is the last day of my last BC pill in the pack. Need to remember to go pick up my last pack of BC Pills. I only need to take for 8 more days and then I will be done with BC. Before I know it, I will be flying out to LA to get preggo with another guy's baby/babies! LOL Just love saying that...its a great laugh! On Thursday I have my telephone conference call to go over the injections and stuff. Hopefully the kids will cooperate and behave during this time.

My kids are angels!


Well, nothing to exciting to report.... think and pray stick thoughts for me!

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Friday, September 15, 2006

September 15th, 2006 - Exciting Times 3

That's how I feel today! Scheduled my ultrasounds today for Oct 7th and 19th. I was able to schedule them locally so I dont have to fly out to LA for that. Actually...trips to LA are fun...just hard to leave the kids now that they are in school.

The pharmacy in LA called today too. They are sending me stuff will know what it is tomorrow.

I tell you...the last two days have brought so much excitement that I am just emotionally drained. I'm having all good vibes and feel real positive about everything going smoothly from here least thru to the transfer.

I pray that we get preggo with the first transfer. I'm afraid if I don't, that I will have let my IP down. I know you just dont know if it will take and how many will. We have met other IPs and Surro, where it took them one try, while some others went through 2-3 transfers...even more then 1 surro! So I think we are doing good...on our second ED...and as I told my IP...I'll be his only no worries there. :)

Well, thats all to report today. Its Citywide Garage Sale this weekend. So hoping it brings good traffic through the flea market where I'm set up at. I have tons of stuff at my home...just need to bring it up there. better run and get to bed...need to get up early!

Have a great weekend!
A Surrogate Mom

Thursday, September 14, 2006

September 14th, 2006 - We've got a CALENDAR!!!

YEAH!!! The waiting has paid off and we are moving along... The nurse at the fertility clinic emailed me my calendar b/c I just couldn't wait for the mail to come with it! Isn't email great???

Well...looks like I will stop taking BC pills on 10/4 and then start the fertility drugs... Probable transfer between 10/25-10/27!!! Can't wait!!! Another trip to LA and my IP promised me canollis!!! My fav! (one of my many fav, lol)

This is way exciting! Can't wait. I will also start taking prenatals on 10/7...looking forward to that b/c my hair will start growing quicker! I have been growing my hair (for the second time) to donate to Locks of maybe by October I will be ready to cut my hair too!!! :)

Well I am just emotionally drained now...or maybe because with the kids in school, I am running around with my 23 month old and no naps!!! lol I miss the kids all being home!!! lol

So this is just going to be a short note tonight...night!!!

A Surrogate Mom

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

September 6th, 2006 - Kids are in school!

Yeah...the kids started school on Tuesday, with no problems. Child #3 has Kindergarten Orientation tomorrow and then he will officially start school on September 11th. So Sad. lol I miss having the kids at home...I honestly wasn't ready for them to go back! a few years I will have one child in every school: Primary, Intermediate, Middle and High Schools! That will be fun when it comes to going to each child's open house!

Whenever I have special moments with the children as well as individually...I think of my IP and how he will experience similar moments with his children. How lucky he is, as well as how lucky his children will be to have a parent who loves his children even before they are born. Something to think about it...we are so lucky that there are options like surrogacy and adoption. (just some babbling thoughts there)

Tonight I just sat playing with child #4 who will be 2 in Oct. She is such a joy...happy, laughing, loves to cuddle, loves to sing, dance. She's growing up so quickly. Anyways...every night we sit at my computer and look at pictures of her sis and brothers...its as if its her first time seeing the pictures. We sit and sing songs and laugh. And I just hug her for making me one happy mommy. And as I sit there hugging her, telling her how much I love her, how cute she is (btw...she is VERY cute, lol) and greatful to God for having her...I see my IP log on and think that someday soon he will have a similar moment...hopefully with twins! :) In time.....

Speaking of time.... My IP now calls "my thing".... "my friend" LOL just makes me laugh every time! So I got my friend on Monday! :) Called the clinic on Tuesday...was sort of bummed that the ED wasn't ready...of course, not her fault...but for me, it means another pack of BC pills. BUT its getting closer... I think that our cycles should be in sync after this time. We anticipate a transfer late October or November. Hmmm....will I make it to the annual retreat or not? lol oops...focus...

hmmm....I'm at a loss for words right now... oh no! lol

Until the next time...
A Surrogate Mom :)