Saturday, May 26, 2007

May 26th, 2007 - Going to California

Hi Everyone!

I leave bright and early on Tuesday morning for CA. The dr said we can do the 5 day blasto transfer. YEAH!!! I hope my IP still does 3 embryos for the transfer. I want to make sure we have twins!!! (The greatest thing about being a surrogate...I can experience a twins pregnancy without having to keep them.)

I'm excited because I feel confident with us doing the 5 day transfer. There were 9 eggs received from the egg donor and found out today that all 9 fertilized! So that is exciting for my IP.

Looking forward to my trip to CA and relaxing for 2 days after the transfer. I go home bright and early on Friday!

One of the perks of being a surrogate is that you get to stay in a nice hotel during the transfer. The usual hotel in West Hollywood is under construction so I am staying at this nice hotel in Beverly Hills! That should be fun. Will have to tell you about it when I come home. I wish I could bring my 10 yr old daughter, as we like to go places together. It will be hard to be away from the kids.

My IP says we'll have sushi and Korean bbq when I'm out there. I'm sooo excited because since going to CA, those are my two favorite foods!!! Oh...that and an everything bagel with cream cheese and sliced salmon!!! lol

Well nothing too exciting going on other then getting ready for my trip. Sticky thoughts for us, please!!!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!
A Surrogate Mom

Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 19th, 2007 - I have a beautiful uterus!

LOL The ultrasound tech said that to me yesterday morning and while I thanked her, I couldn't help laughing about it later as I told my husband and my IP. It made my IP's day hearing that. I think his sister knows now too.

So, I had my ultrasound yesterday. First I have to say KUDOS to Laura, the ultrasound tech at Cambridge Medical... It is very nice to go to an appointment where people are nice and friendly...rather then when you sit alone in the waiting room or waiting in the exam room where you can overhear people complaining about their jobs and personal life (I know you know what I mean, lol) Laura definately is a sweet person and I definately will request her for future visits. :)

Well I am ready for the embryo transfer next weekend! I measured at a 12 and had that triple layered/lined? pattern in my uterus. lol gosh I forget what its called. At first I panicked b/c Laura said I was measuring about a 1...and let me tell you...I was a bit freaked since I need to be between an 8 and 14. Guess it really depends on the measurment used. Phew.... so I was ok at a 12. Then I was a little panicked again when I realized that my OB wasn't in the office that day so the results were sitting there. The triage nurse in Clinic E for that day was SUPER wonderful for going out of her way to make sure the results of my ultrasound and lab were faxed to the fertility clinic in LA. Sorry I dont know her name to give her kudos.

I dont know my lab results but I am assuming my levels were where they should be. I've been good about taking my pills and shots (as I did the other times too). :)

Today the ED had her ultrasound and I guess she's not ready. She is supposed to have another ultrasound on Monday/Tuesday. The nurse said Tuesday but then said Monday, but I didn't want to ask her to clarify. So we shall see.

My CM called on Friday and left a message that the calendar gal said we could go ahead and make travel arrangements. Sort of glad that hasn't been done because I hate to get out there to have to wait another day or two. So guess we will wait until we hear whats happening with the ED. I guess I probably will just call on Monday as I'm anxious to actually know what to expect as hubby isn't around right now and so I need to make arrangments for the kids.

Trying not to stress about anything. lol like that is possible. It drives me crazy when people say "oh don't worry" lol I just want this to take this time. Anyways...I said I was trying not to no worries. Right? lol

So nothing exciting going on here...just getting my house in order before I leave for CA. Will post again when I hear more...

Have a great weekend!
A Surrogate Mom

Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 13th, 2007 - Happy Mother's Day and Drugs

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom Friends here! Hope you are having a great day. My day is just like any other day, just as was my 39th birthday last Sunday! Yeah, I might be whining, but I'm not complaining. lol Well really its just a boring day as we have no plans. But that is ok, I am enjoying the quiet time until the kids start fighting! lol The kids are being extra good b/c our oldest as baseball practice at 5 at the nearby park, and I promised the other 3 to let them go there too. DH's mom and dad went camping for the weekend, so its not as if we had to go anywhere.

Have to share a little funny from our 5 yr old. I started my E2V shots on May 7th and I noticed the next day that it looked like I got bit by gnats or something. There were red spots. I didn't think much of it until I went to take my shot on the 10th. So I mention to my husband, it must have been a reaction to the shot but it goes away and doesn't bother me. I didn't relate it to the first times I've taken them. Anyways, my comment to my husband was I think the red spots are from the drugs. My 5 yr old comes to me, looking very concerned and says "Mom, you can't be having a baby for IP because drugs are very bad." He just amazes me with his smartness! I asked him why is that? And went on to tell me things that can happen to the baby when you take drugs. So after a big hug to my 5 yr old, I told him how proud of him that I was blessed with such a great child. Then I explained to him that I am taking fertility drugs to help me get ready to carry the babies for IP. And reassured him that I would never take bad drugs ever...never have, never would and never will. Just got to love the things my kids say!

Well, had an ultrasound on the morning of May 7th to make sure all was well as I did not get my period right after stopping the BC pills on May 4th. Funny...I got my period hours after the ultrasound! oh well! My next Ultrasound and lab work will be May 18th. This is also about the time the ED should be going in for her ultrasound to see where she is at for the egg retrieval. Probable egg retrieval is May 22, 23, 24. So its getting closer to transfer date. 11-14 days before I leave for CA. I am pretty excited.

My IP still hasn't discussed doing a blastocyst transfer yet with the dr. So actual transfer day will depend on whether the dr will do it or not. The agency says that some dr won't. I dont see why not unless not many eggs are collected. Crossing my fingers for lots of eggs! :)

My next shot is tonight. Still doing ok with doing them myself. Never thought I could ever do it...especially with how long the needles are!!! lol Its comforting to have a big butt so I dont have to worry too much. lol

OH, I forgot to mention that I ran into another problem with the Lab. They are refusing to service my dr's orders because he is out of state now. Of course it hasn't been an issue in the past year but since I've been having so many issues with them and made this. No worries. My local OB at the clinic has been more then willing to work with me and they will process my fertility dr's orders and fax results for me. I can not tell you how appreciative I am of my OB and his nurses. I was also thinking that running all this through my local OB will be a plus for when my fertility dr releases me to my local OB when I complete my first trimester. My OB will be up to date on what I've been doing during the first trimester.

WOW May 18th is only 5 days away! I guess you can expect another update from me in just 5 days! And before I know it, I will be on a plane againg for CA!!!

Have a great day everyone! Especially the MOMS!
A Surrogate Mom