Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March 14th, 2007 - Shocking News!!!

My 13 yr old (who will be 14 in July) decided to clean up the toys in the living room and put them away for the little ones! And if that isn't a shock...he even got out the vacuum and vacuumed not only the living room BUT THE HALLWAY and his bedroom! Shhh...I see he is still picking up stuff in the other room... Who would have guessed?! Well it really made my day that he did that and is still picking up. WOW...I really do have a good kid!

Talked to my IP today. He has a new ED and is very excited about her and her background. Good sign! Our CM now has to set her up for all her appointments and in time I will be flying out to CA again. I hope the ED can come in soon and we can get our cycles in sync. My cycle just started today (fun, eh?). I am hoping that I don't have to start BC pills until my next cycle, as I'm trying to loose some of the weight that I gained since starting the pills and fertility drugs.

I hope that this time will work because it is my last try, per contract, and then I'm done. It does really stress me out b/c I have wanted to be a surrogate so badly...and hope to be able to help others after this one. The fertility dr said that it wasn't my fault for the two failed transfers, nor was it the ED's eggs, but this would be his last try with me as a surro. So got my fingers crossed.

Anyways this has got to work because I can't have an incomplete charm bracelet!!! lol

Well, time to make dinner for the kids before Amerian Idol starts! (which, btw, none of this years contestants stick out for me yet)

Have a great day!
A Surrogate Mom

Friday, March 9, 2007

March 9th, 2007 - Day 10

Had my beta test today. My score is 0.4 so the second IVF did not work at all. Of course the lab did not fax over the results, so now the clinic needs to verify. The clinic will call me back and confirm that I need to stop all meds.

My CM says today, I invite you to empower yourself to call the clinic and find the answers. For some reason, while he tries, its just wierd talking to him.

I feel bad enough that this is a second fail IVF and know my IP has been pretty anxious about having a baby. The waiting just sucks. I get to try one more time, provided the dr doesn't feel that it could be my fault that this isn't working. So will just cross my fingers for the best. Just please don't tell me not to feel bad as it discredits how I feel.

Well, the good thing, while I have not heard from the clinic, is that I'm pretty sure we won't have to wait for me to go through anything like last time. My unprofessional guess is that the eggs weren't good enough. 25 were taken, only 9 fertilized, 2 fertilized ones were bad. We used 3 the first IVF. And the last 4 for the 2nd IVF only 1 looked like it would take. I still would like to rule out that it could be me. My IP is going to start looking for ED this weekend. I think he will go with an ED who has been proven to have good eggs.

Anyways, I guess I will "empower" myself and get on with my daily routine...maybe I should treat myself to some Bingo tonight! ROFL Yeah, that's right....that always makes me happy...that and the awesome yummy food that my IP pampers me with.

Got to run and pick up the kids from the sitter.
Have a great weekend!

A Surrogate Mom

Sunday, March 4, 2007

March 3rd, 2007 - Day 4

Well today is Day Four. Only six more to wait for the Beta test to know if I am preggo or not. I received my 20 home pregnancy strips in the mail today. Wasn't expecting them until Monday or Tuesday of next week. Of course, I tried one. It was negative. Too early to really detect with these. I am hoping that I might get a good result around day 6 or 7. The Dr had said that usually Day 8 is the day to know but he waits until Day 10 to do the Beta Test.

I'm not sure I feel anything (you know, preggo signs) yet, although I do feel fat from all the good food I ate while in CA!!!

My trip home from CA was fine. Worried that my flight would be turned away from MN due to the snow storm. After our plane landed, all incoming and outbound flights were cancelled. I was sooo lucky. The drive home was 2 hours, but not as bad as I thought it would be. The snow was so bad on Thursday when I came home that even the kids' schools were closed by 1 pm. School was closed on Friday too. Even hubby didn't go to work that day. We had a lot of snow where we live. Thank goodness for great neighbors with 4 wheelers and plows! (Something that my darling hubby will have next year!) Hubby's dad has a really nice one and will be buying it from him. :)

My hubby and I went to play Bingo at the Casino tonight. A first! lol My friend couldn't convince her hubby to go with us. BUT it was a nice night of Bingo and dinner for hubby and me. I did remind him that we would be going out again for our wedding anniversary...with his parents. Their anniversary is March 31st and ours is the 29th...of course, they have been married over 50 years. I sort of lost count. Anyways...its been a few years since we've actually done much with his parents around this time. DH's parents want us to move closer to them...and we want to move to CA! Such tough decisions. If better opportunities come by moving to CA, we will for sure go and drag his parents with us, if possible. I think my husband has gotten over wanting to move closer to the cities. Sort of stinks now because the kids and I have been looking forward to it. Oh well. I have a really nice OB here in Cambridge. I am hoping that with him, things will be good for me having the baby (BABIES) here.

Well its late and I need to get to bed. Promised hubby I wouldn't be on the computer tomorrow until I have cleaned the last kitchen counter off and removed all the STUFF that has accumulated in the dining room! lol Its pretty bad. I'm surprised he's never said anything about least where he demanded it gone! lol Anyways...I'm tired of it and its going! :)

Have a great rest of the weekend!
A Surrogate Mom